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George Newton's Merritt Freight Line

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George Newton's Merritt Freight Line

During the 1930’s & 40’s freight service from the Coast to Merritt was mainly provided by Country Freight Lines Ltd via the Fraser Canyon en route to Penticton and the South Okanagan. Merritt was served out of Kamloops in the forties & fifties by George Newtons’ Kamloops-Merritt Freight Line. Kamloops was a major Interior supply point at the time. George was also agent in Kamloops after 1947 for Vancouver-Kamloops Freight Lines. His Merritt Transport also served F.R. Stewart of Kamloops by meeting Exley Express Lines from California at Slade & Stewart in Penticton and hauling produce back to Merritt and Kamloops. George's son Dick did this run to Penticton as well as Gordy Heslop. Dick Newton for a time worked for Exley Express running south to California too. Later, after running south, Dick drove for Chapman's, Motorways and Van-Kam out of Kamloops. Gordy Heslop drove for among others, Kamloops Transport, H.M. Trimble & Sons and for many years he drove for Van-Kam Freightways.

Carrying on the family tradition, grandson of George and son of Dick is Rick Newton who in August 2019 will have 30 years of service with Van-Kam. Rick's son Troy, great-grandson of George has just completed his first 5 years service for Van-Kam.

Merritt Freight 1949 White WB18 owned by George Newton, driven by Gordon Heslop. December 1949
It's -48 degrees F near Aspen Grove - Gord Heslop

Exley Produce Express
Lorne Findlay Collection

2018 F/L that is grandson Rick Newton's Van-Kam tractor taken at the top of Tank Hill.
Dan Hunter Collection