BC Line Drivers Pre-1965 Collection

Dale Van Horne

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Dale Van Horne

Dale was born in Macoun Sk. in 1924. He helped on the family farm during the lean years of the Depression and joined up and served in the RCN during WWII.

Dale was a proud Mason (Milestone Lodge) over seventy years. In the meantime the family had moved to Cloverdale BC and Dale, after his discharge, started trucking first locally and then in the Bridge River/Bralorne country with his own Reo dump truck. He spent time on the Hope-Princeton with the Dept. of Public Works (Highways) at Allison Pass and also driving in the bush up coast near Ocean Falls.

In the early fifties he started a life on the road driving for Gill Interprovincial Lines Ltd (GILL) and London-Vancouver Express, the forerunner of D.S. Scott. Imagine running sleeper team to Ontario in a half shack similar to the Expressway KW CBE shown that he was on at London-Vancouver.

Dale & Doreen moved to Kamloops for a time where Dale drove tankers for Jim Vanderspek's Public Freightways, Holding Lumber, pipelining where he broke his back and back to tankers as a driver and maintenance manager for Northwest Bulk Carriers Ltd. It was while at Northwest Bulk Dale hired Norman Stephanishin, who was later the hero of the Hope Slide.

Moving back to the Coast in the early sixties Dale drove for Associated Enterprises, Pacific Freightways, Hunt Transport in the shop and also H.M. Trimble & Sons. At Zenith Transport, where he had his own rig again, he was one of the first at Zenith to operate their service from California direct to Whitehorse and finished his time there in the shop.

In 1984 he came to Aggressive Transport as a spare driver and was busy for the next fifteen years until he retired in 1999. He passed away May 2017

Dale wwith his Reo 1948 Dale with DPW FWD at the top of Copper Creek Hill loaded with a Cat on a Pacific LB-20 20 ton lowbed. DPW rig
This unit looks like it could be the same one shown on the
George Kassa Collection
Here are five shots taken at Allison Pass ( one with the Deputy Minister and a BCPP )
Three photos of Dale's Reo paving in Fraser Canyon
Two logging pictures taken at Ocean Falls
Dale with Associated Enterprises & sleeper partner Expressway CBE half-shack ILO London-Vancouver Express GILL Kenworth's
Public Freightways Freightliner Public Freightways Freightliner
at Kamloops, BC
Public Freightways Freightliner
at Kamloops, BC
Northwest Bulk Carriers coming down Columbia St Hill in Kamloops (there were 3) Norman Stephanishyn at Flood
with Northwest Bulk
Two of the Northwest Bulk Carriers KW's at the Royalite Refinery Tranquille (Kamloops).
Pacific Freightways number 4 at Hunter Creek Allison Pass Winter 1950 Dale with Bruce Harger's Aggressive Transport #110
Dale servicing his truck Dale's Kenworth On the way home from Whitehorse
Dale's Kenworth Dale with his KW in California Dale with his son Rick at our Reunion 2011