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Redgrave Derailment

At the station Redgrave, (about 20 miles east of Golden) there was an overlength eastbound intermodal train (110) that was stopped and hanging out the west end of Redgrave by about 1000 ft. Redgrave siding is only 7764ft long. A westbound grain train came over to meet them but never slowed down, track speed is 35 mph. The westbound grain train put themselves in emergency near the west end of the siding and punched themselves through a a loaded bi-level loaded autodeck. No severe injuries or fatalities. Both units on the grain train were recently fueled at golden and at least one that I heard of leaked all of the fuel (approx. 4000 gallons).


No swivel drawbars on this baby!!!
Taken at Roberts Bank
  Someone is in deep gaga!!!!

Drake Street & Vancouver Yards

Here are some pictures of my personal favorite locomotives. That being the Baldwin Switchers and Road Switchers that we had at Drake Street, Coquitlam, and on Vancouver Island. These units were real kick ass switchers. They were rated at 1000 HP, but they had to be way more than that. They could out-pull anything. Unfortunately they had a crappy wheelslip system and could not hold their feet at slow speeds. You could hear them working in the Coquitlam yard, revving up, then falling to idle. Every cycle had the revving period going a little longer till the speed built up. They were hard on traction motors. We were constantly changing them out. I especially hated reconnecting the cables on the #1 and #4 motors as they were in a horrible spot in the corners of the units under the running boards.

The 1st shot is of the DS4-4 1000’s, (7065 to 7075), in the early Tuscan paint as delivered sitting at N-Yard on the waterfront. The Shop Track on the left has the 7070, 7069, plus a bit of one other. The adjacent yard track has the 7065 leading the pack and two others that I can’t see the numbers of behind. Also, there is one hiding behind the cut of cars further down on the next track over.

The 2nd, 3rd, and 4th shot is of a number of DRS4-4 1000’s, (8000 to 8012), in the later Tuscan Block paint being loaded on one of the CP Ships to Nanaimo on Vancouver Island . Note the DRS units have road trucks.

The 5th shot is of the 8008 sitting just off the turntable at the Drake Street Shop. Note the access doors on the side of the short nose. The 8000 to 8004 were originally equipped with steam generators, but were subsequently removed in later years.

The 6th and 7th shots are of the 8012 and 7071 MU’d together working the east end of the Vancouver yard. In the last pic the set is working off the original 2nd Narrows Bridge that was closed to road traffic in around 1963, so these two pics are sometime in that time zone. Note the new Script paint on the 8012.



Canadian Pacific Omelet

Take one CP Rail train and add 156,000 eggs...

Just need some toast and a coffee


New Paint Scheme for Rocky Mountaineer. Photo by Dave Foster

Engine failure in Louisiana

This is Canadian National locomotive number 2699. It is a 212 ton machine powered by a 183 liters 4400 hp V16 4 stroke diesel. Shortly before this picture was taken, whilst working under load, 2699 experienced what is known in the trade as a catastrophic uncontained engine failure. The train was passing the town of Independence, LA at the time.

The first picture below shows that one of the 16 cylinder packs that form the engine was ejected through the engine bay body side and thrown clear of the locomotive.

In addition to this the piston from that cylinder was thrown free by the force of the failure. It was ejected so violently that it travelled through the air and crashed through the roof of a nearby home where it imbedded itself in an interior wall.


CN Commuter 4-6-4 at Montreal 1954 CN Continental at Montreal 1959 CN LaSalle at Montreal 1957
CN Maritime Express 1955 CN Ocean Ltd at Moncton, NB 1974 CN Panorama in Vancouver 1969
CN Passenger in BC 1970 CN Passenger at Hamilton, ON 1955 VIA Canadian at Hinton, AB 2009
CN Super Continental at Boston Bar, BC 1972 CN Super Continental at Washago, ON 1967 CN SW-9 at Montreal 1954
VIA 14 at Bathurst, NB 2009 VIA at Thunder Bay, ON 2008 VIA 73 London, ON 2009
VIA Canadian at Geikie, AB 2009 CN Passenger CGA16-4 Dundas, ON0 1959
VIA Passenger 6400 at Halifax, NS 2009 VIA Skeena at Jasper, AB 1981

Here are photos from the recent outing of the Royal Hudson

Train vs. Hay Truck

This happened March 22, 1022 at Jasmin Sk, east of Kelliher Sask.
The driver walked away....I guess it is one way to take a truck apart...


Anyone for a train ride??

Queensland supplies about 50% of the world’s coking coal, crucial for steelmaking. The cost to steelmakers is skyrocketing as Queensland’s coal mines are flooded and there is massive damage to the numerous railway lines. I didn’t think water could cause this damage to railways.
This wasn’t caused by an earthquake, but by water! …..Some of the other flood damage in Central Queensland this month……(January 2011).
Shipments to Coal Terminals/Power Stations will be slow for some time....


SRY 135 New Westminster, BC May 04, 2011
SRY #135 Mother unit to SRY #121
Mark Forseille Photo
NREX 700 New Westminster, BC May 04, 2011
NREX #700 at the SRY to be tested by their crews. Mark Forseille Photo
SRY 121 New Westminster, BC May 04, 2011
SRY #121 Cab Control unit
Mark Forseille Photo
SRY 106 New Westminster, BC May 04, 2011
SRY #106 mated to Slug #002. And yes, that's ex CP 5696 beside the 106. Mark Forseille Photo

Scratch and Dent sale at the GM truck plant

This incident happened in the Oshawa CP Rail yard which ships out the GM vehicles. One of the car men who attaches and detaches the car haulers, accidentally unhooked a set of train cars without having the brakes applied. The Oshawa rail yard has a slight incline to it, so when the set of cars was unhooked from the engine it started to roll down the hill, it smashed through the stop block and then through the fence and continued into the parking lot where GM stores the new vehicles that come off the line. Over 300 vehicles were damaged.

I guess this is where the guy just takes his lunch box and goes home. No need to hang around.


P 9015 and 9018 along with a GE unit arrived at Winnipeg following a mishap. Apparently they hit a tank truck loaded with crude oil somewhere near Lethbridge AB. ..between Suffield and Tilley. The train crew survived.

Here are a couple of photos showing CP 9015 (lead unit) covered in oil. Not seen is the damage on CP 9018. About half a dozen right side engine room carbody doors were extensively damaged.

They attempted to clean the oil off in the washrack but now the plan is to call in an outside contractor to remove the gunk including the window tinting... Following that, they are heading to Progress Rail for repairs, I'm told.

CP 2860. I guess it was running extra (white flags) not a hot shot passenger. Somehow when they were dirty they looked bigger.....

 CN Rail derailment about 20 miles west (south) of Chetwynd, BC on the mainline to Prince George, BC (July 2011)

SRY 128 (Ex CP 1583) New Westminster, BC - July 09, 2011 Mark Forseille Photos

SRY 121 New Westminster, BC June 12, 2011
Mark Forseille Photo
SRY 135 New Westminster, BC June 12, 2011
Mark Forseille Photo

Train Hits Deer

Ever hit a Deer with a car? Ever see a train hit one? Don't be squeamish. Look below.

Footnote: Although the paramedics discovered no one was injured when they arrived on the scene, they did have to caution people that got near the tractor motor laying on the ground as it was still running. There must be something to the saying, "Nothing Runs Like A Deere".


BDRV 1889 (Ex CP 1689, Exx THB 402) New Westminster, BC Aug 11, 2011 Mark Forseille Photos

I caught the Blue River (BDRV #1889) formerly the CP GP9 #1689 that was originally the Toronto Hamilton & Buffalo #402 outside the SRY Shops on Thursday Aug 11th. She should be on her way to New York State pretty soon. Another former CP unit finds a new home.

Mark Forseille
Port Coquitlam, BC Canada

Night Time Photo Shoot by Russ
A lovely summer evening in Squamish. I was down at the yard for a little work and had the camera in the truck.
After finishing my work I tried a few random shots.

CP Overpass Lloydminster, Alberta

CN 8826 Port Coquitlam, BC May 30, 2011
Mark Forseille Photo
CP 1126 Port Coquitlam, BC Jun 04, 2011
Mark Forseille Photo
CP 3005 Port Coquitlam, BC Jun 05, 2011
Mark Forseille Photo
BNSF 2189 Bellingham, WA Jun 17, 2011
Mark Forseille Photo
CN 8815 Port Coquitlam, BC Jun 20, 2011
Mark Forseille Photo

Looks like a bad day at work for a BNSF crew
This gives new meaning to a "Hot Train"
Photos by John Benner

CP 9554 North Bend, BC Aug 26, 2011
Mark Forseille Photo
CN 8898 Boston Bar, BC Aug 26, 2011
Mark Forseille Photo
CN 5744 Boston Bar, BC Aug 26, 2011
Mark Forseille Photo

Train Derailment at The Battle River Trestle - Fabyan, Alberta - January 23, 2012

These photos show a wreck at about Mile 45 on CN's Grande Cache Sub that happened on January 18. From what I understand, the train led by 5637 was stopped in a bowl (best place to cut off to reduce possibility of unintended movement) and was splitting the locomotive consist between the 3rd and 4th units and was then to proceed to Hanlon siding to pickup another unit. While stopped, a block of loaded runaway coal cars (don't know where they came from) ran into the train. Apparently the engineer and an engineer trainee were in the cab of 5637 and 2 other crew members were on the rear platform of a trailing locomotive. I believe the engineer trainee was the only crew member with injuries and was airlifted out by helicopter. It is easy to imagine that if the train had been moving; all crew members might have been killed.

The Grande Cache sub runs between CN's mainline at Swan Landing, just west of Hinton , Alberta to Grande Cache and Grande Prairie , Alberta . I am no longer familiar with the track profile on the sub, but I do recall some pretty scary hills. Any runaway on that sub has ugly potential.

Bruce Harvey


They must have been cleaning the flues......
The bonfire took place last Sunday at Dewinton, Alta. on the Macleod Subdivision.

This is a collision a mile out of Wetaskiwin beside a fertilizer plant.
The cab separated and was in the ditch about a km back from the train and the rest of the truck.

As an FYI, I go to the yard in the morning to see if any cars were placed on our track (log unloading / truck transfer).
I usually have the camera, and most times there is power sitting around between assignments. Today was a wet day.
The 3 unit set (looking from both ends) would leave around 1000 or so. 7515 works the yards at North Van (wheat pools) - Glenda shops, i take the camera around the area. Russ

Burlington Northern #6350
Boseman, Montana May 14, 1985
Claude Prutton Photo
CN #9162
Fort Fraser, BC July 17, 1982
Claude Prutton Photo
CN #5112 and others
Burnaby, BC October 26, 1980
Claude Prutton Photo
CN Super Continent
Yellowhead Pass, BC July 11, 1976
Claude Prutton Photo
CN #6515
New Westminster, BC November 3, 1974
Claude Prutton Photo
Crossing the Fraser River between Surrey and New Westminster, BC - Claude Prutton Photo.
One of the old two G12's from the L&PS acquired by the CN. Claude Prutton Photo. The original CN SD40 #5000
Claude Prutton Photo

Following the Rocky Mountaineer #8017 and The Sea-to-Sky Climb from Squamish to Whistler

A look at the 3751 Grand Canyon Limited charter steam special : ( all photos taken by Ken Storey )
Photo runby enroute to Congress AZ. May15
( 3751 leading )
Photo runby # 1 doubleheaded with 4960 leading enroute to Grand Canyon AZ. May 16 X- AT&SF 3751 Grand Canyon station May16
Lead locomotive x- CB&Q 4960 & the 3751 Grand Canyon station prior to
departure May 16
Photo runby # 2 southbound from Grand Canyon with 4960 leading May 16 Enroute through the California desert on the Arizona & Eastern RR
May 18……at 20 mph ! ?
Barreling along the BNSF x- Santa Fe mainline towards Barstow CA at over
70 mph ! ! May19
Arrival in Los Angeles about 3 hours late !
May 19

CN New Hire Train Person Jasper yard
Black Bear climbed side of grain car using ladder. Grain Train delayed 6 hours.
Would like to see the delay report on this, would make good reading.

BCOL #4618 repainted into CN's colors
Mark Forseille
Port Coquitlam, BC Canada
CP Heritage Units CP 4106, 1900 & 4107 at Port Coquitlam, BC
Photos by Mark Forseille
Port Coquitlam, BC Canada

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