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This is how the track looks like from Gillam, MB to Churchill, MB. It is 183 mile stretch with majority of 10 per. It takes a freight train just under 13.5 hours to travel this stretch this stretch of track.

CN derailment in February 2009. Nasty! This happened at Robeson siding on the Allanwater Sub, about 85 miles west of Armstrong, Ontario. Everything rerouted via and the CPR.

CPR Mainline Between Revelstoke and Golden
Buried plow Final push Mount Macdonald Tunnel west portal

At the station Redgrave, (about 20 miles east of Golden) there was an overlength eastbound intermodal train (110) that was stopped and hanging out the west end of Redgrave by about 1000 ft. Redgrave siding is only 7764ft long. A westbound grain train came over to meet them but never slowed down, track speed is 35 mph. The westbound grain train put themselves in emergency near the west end of the siding and punched themselves through a a loaded bi-level loaded autodeck. No severe injuries or fatalities. Both units on the grain train were recently fueled at golden and at least one that I heard of leaked all of the fuel (approx. 4000 gallons).

November 2009, at Geddis (Mile 106.9 Shuswap Sub), John Leeming shot CP Train 899-740 (coal test) with 7 units and 240 cars. The train was marshalled as follows: 8892-8896 – 64 cars – 8894 – 56 cars – 8899-8895 – 60 cars – 8897 – 60 cars – 8890. Contents was 27728 tons, tare was 5415 tons, EGT was 33143 tons and length was 13,253 feet. This was an ECP (electronic brake – hardwired) train. The train was built empty at Golden, was split in two at Sparwood for loading, reassembled for the loaded move at Sparwood and ran to a point just west of Geddis where it was split in two again to run to the coast. Tthe train operated with no problems.
#8892 West Train 899-740, second unit #8896 at Geddis, BC November 20, 2009.
Photo by John Leeming
#8894 first remote on #8892 west Train 899-740 at Geddis, BC November 20, 2009.
Photo by John Leeming
#8899 and #8895 second remote on #8892 West Train 899-740 at Geddis, BC on November 20 , 2009. Photo by John Leeming
#8897 third remote on #8892 West Train 8990740 at Geddis, BC November 20, 2009. Photo by John Leeming #8890 fourth remote engine on #8892 West Train 899-740 at Geddis, BC November 20, 2009. Photo by John Leeming

Now this is a unit train. This takes deadheading power to a whole new level!
East Fruitland Alvord Decatur
Approaching Rhome Approaching Avondale Approaching Saginaw Interlocker

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