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Zav-Cor 25th Anniversary
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Originally there were two Zavitz companies operating in Ontario; Zavitz BROS Ltd. from Wainfleet and G ZAVITZ Ltd. from Niagara Falls. Today, although Zavitz Bros is no longer; GZL, ZAV-COR, Truk King and K.A.M. are still operated by Zavitz family members.
We were following a GZL pulling a Chiquita container on The Queensway in Mississauga. - January 2001 Here is the current GZL livery as seen in May 2002 ZAV COR is one of the Zavitz companies. There were taken from the QEW (Queen Elizabeth Way).
Here are tractors parked at the GZL yard in Niagara Falls Ontario; December 3,2005. The Columbias are the newest tractors.
This GZL Freightliner was bringing a load of produce to Toronto on 12/26/05 This GZL Kenworth T600 was traveling on The Queensway in Mississauga in 2002 This Chiquita Banana container shows the familiar trademark as a GZL Freightliner heads back towards Niagara Falls - January 15/06
A ZAV-COR Volvo has just left the A&P produce warehouse in Toronto. - August 2005 This ZAV-COR International is hauling a container to Toronto on the QEW in March 2005 ZAVCOR Mack tractor pulling a GZL trailer in Mississauga, February 2006
ZAVCOR Mack tractor pulling a GZL trailer in Mississauga, May 2006 GZL Freightliner pulling a Genstar reefer container - Toronto August 2006 K.A.M.Trucking Freightliner T18 was seen in Mississauga - November 2006
I am assuming that the Mack in the attached picture just sent to me by Russ MacNeil is a former Mel-O-Ripe Banana tractor. It is blue in colour which if I remember correctly was Mel-O-Ripe's fleet colour.

I hope that I am correct as that is the information I gave Russ and Hank. Let me know please if my memory is faulty.
This ZavCor International was hauling a K.A.M. trailer - October 2008 A Truk-King Peterbilt pulling a Zav-Cor trailer pulls into the yard they use in Mississauga - January 2009 This older Freightliner is used for Toronto area deliveries from GZL's terminal in Niagara Falls.
Here is a Freightliner from K.A.M. on the way back to Wainfleet terminal - February 2009 A ZAVCOR unit heads up North Queen Street in Toronto, likely on it's way to the METRO (Formerly A&P) produce warehouse. - September 2009. GZL unit 128 is seen on The West Mall - August 2009
Here are views of the G Zavitz Ltd. terminal and the equipment parked on a Saturday. October 2009
A Freightliner comes to the terminal from Highway 405. There is a Petro Pass fuel outlet at the GZL terminal. This Freightliner from LOCOCO' S Produce was fueling. Here is ZAVCOR TRUK-KING unit T36 seen in Mississauga January 2010
Here is a Freightliner from K.A.M. Trucking returning to Wainfleet as we are passing on the QEW near Hamilton Ont. -May 2010 This ZAVCOR Peterbilt was westbound on the Queen Elizabeth Way - May 2010 I was following this K.A.M. unit just after 7 AM one morning as he was heading to the QEW
This Freightliner from K.A.M. was at a shipper's dock in Mississauga in February 2012. This Freightliner from GZL had a Dole leased container in west end Toronto - May 2012. This Volvo from ZAVCOR was on North Queen Street in Toronto. Note the "Super Single" tires on the container chassis. - May 2012.
GZL assigns older tractors to bring the loaded trailers to the Toronto area customers from their Niagara Falls Ontario terminal. JUNE 2012. A Kenworth T600 from GZL brings a loaded trailer into Toronto from their Niagara Falls terminal. February 2014. Here is a Kenworth T600 from GZL bobtailing in Niagara Region, not far from their terminal. April 2015.
Here is a Freightliner from K.A.M. Trucking on HWY 401 in Mississauga. April 2015.
The ZAV-COR terminal is in Stevensville, near Fort Erie, Ontario. Here are some views I took in May 2016.
A GZL Freightliner and a Dole Brands container likely on the way to pickup an Export load in MIssissauga. - August 2016    

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