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Wilson's Truck Lines Ltd.
A Wilson's Ford LT 9000 hauling an XTRA trailer at Etobicoke, ON in May 1996. A Peterbilt leased to Supermarket Express, taken in July 1999. Volvo day cab hauling a reefer trailer; sublettered for Wilson's Truck Lines, taken in June 2000.
Freightliner day cab pulling a short single axle trailer that is used for deliveries on crowded downtown streets; sublettered for Red Tree Logistics. This picture was taken in June 2000. Makc CH 613 leased by an owner/operator to Wilson's. This truck was named "Sharon's Worry" on the bug screen. It was sublettered for SMX Specialized Motor Express. The picture was taken in June 2000. Here is an old Wilson's 40 foot trailer sitting at the rear of the A&P warehouse in west end Toronto. It is wearing the 1960's/70's paint and lettering scheme. The picture was taken in April 2001.
This is a Volvo from Wilson's unloading at a local A&P/Dominion Store taken May 2001. This is Wilson's Truck Lines trailer yard across the street from their main teminal, shot in June 2001. This is a view of Wilson's main terminal in west end Toronto. Unit #3739 is at the fuel island. This photo was taken in June 2001.
This is Wilson's current slogan painted on some of their trailers. June 2002. Wilsons has operations at both ends of the modern food chain. Under their RED TREE CARRIERS division they haul garbage from Toronto to dump sites in Michigan. This Red Tree Logistics Volvo is heading to the yard after a trip to Michigan.
Wilsons Logistics owner-operator tractor. Wilsons owner-operator International This Peterbilt is leased to the Specialized Motor Express division of Wilsons Logistics. June 2003
Specialized Motor Express Volvo sleeper. Toronto Ontario, December 2003 Here is Wilson Logistics 6766, an International day cab sub lettered for Redtree Contract Carriers. This Volvo is heading to load at the Dominion Stores produce warehouse. May 2004.
Here is a Wilsons Ford Aeromax pulling a Dominion Stores reefer. August 2004 Wilson's shunt truck goes past the large A&P/ Dominion Stores warehouse. November 2004 Wilson Freightliner delivering dry goods to a Food Basics store. November 2004
Wilson Freightliner heading to the terminal November 2004 Wilsons have added a large number of Mack Vision tractors to their fleet. Unit 2525 was making a store delivery in March 2005. Unit 3843 is a 99 Western Star leased by an Owner Operator to Wilsons - May 2005
This Volvo (unit 1590) and this owner-operator KW W900 (unit 3554) were parked at a restaurant near Wilsons terminal in August 2005 This is Wilsons yard goat that shuttles trailers between their yard and the A&P/ Dominion Stores warehouse nearby
Wilson Mack 2506 was seen on September 3, 2005 Wilson 3517, an owner operator White GMC, was seen near the Wilson yard in January 2006. Wilson Mack, Unit 3814 seen on The Queensway heading to the yard. March 2005
Peterbilt daycab delivering to a FOOD BASICS store in Toronto - 02/2006 Wilsons Mack unit 2555 was returning to the yard - April 15 2006 Unit 3780, a Freightliner, was delivering to a FOOD BASICS store - June 2006
This Volvo daycab, unit 3775, is taking a trailer for loading at the A&P/Dominion produce warehouse - July 2006 Wilsons unit 3647, a late model Peterbilt, was parked in Toronto early December 2006 Wilsons Volvo unit 2605 is heading to the terminal - August 2007
Volvo 4026 was delivering to a Food Basics Store - September 2007 Wilson's Volvo unit 2601 has paused for cofee. It's trailer appears to be a "de-logoed" Food Basics. As it starts off again, it is passed by Wilsons Mack unit 2501. September 2007
This Sterling Silverstar belongs to a Wilson's Truck Lines owner operator. September 2007 Wilson's owner-operator Freightliner was bobtailing to the Dominion Store warehouse - October 2007 This Wilson's Volvo was hauling a DOMINION STORES billboard trailer - October 2007
Wilson's Mack 2536 also turned up Waulron Street to the Dominion warehouse.- September 2007 Wilson's Freightliner 3847 was bob-tailing to the trailer yard. -September 2007 He returned a short time later and turned onto Waulron Street to the Dominion warehouse - September 2007
Wilsons Western Star daycab 3696 was seen in Toronto ....March 2006 Wilsons Freightliner, wreathed in light snow and steam, is making a delivery in Mississauga - January 2008 Volvo/Mack dealer Performance Equipment has a branch at Wilson's Toronto terminal. This Volvo was parked outside - June 2008
Wilsons Volvo 1595 seen bobtailing past the Dominion Stores warehouse - May 2008 Wilsons Volvo 3741 seen delivering to a Dominon Store - April 2008 Wilsons Mack 4050 seen delivering to a Food Basics store - May 2008
Volvo, unit 1507, was seen in Toronto July 2008 Wilsons unit 3859 is a 2000 Volvo operated by Kevin. It was seen near their terminal in September 2008 Wilson Kenworth unit 3703 bob tailing in Mississauga - October 2008
Wilsons Volvo unit 3790 delivering at the METRO store Wilsons Unit 3780 is bob tailing back to the yard. 01-03-09 Wilsons Mack unit 2533 February 2009
The Canadian A&P chain including the Dominion Stores brand are now owned by METRO stores from Montreal. The trailers Wilsons hauls are being rebranded as well. Here tractor 2542 hauls a METRO branded van - March 2009 Wilsons Freightliner unit 3825 February 2009 Wilsons International 8600 unit February 2009
This Kenworth tanker marked for TRAILCON LEASING fuels all the reefer trailers that Wilsons run for Metro Stores. March 2009 Mack Vision, unit 3508, was bobtailing to the yard. - April 2009 Wilsons Peterbilt 386 unit 1547 seen in Toronto - May 2009
Wilson unit 2515, one of the Mack Visions, turns toward the Metro warehouse.- May 2009 Wilson unit 3543, an International sleeper, goes to the Metro warehouse for it's load May 2009 Wilson unit 3834, an International daycab, pulls a Metro Stores trailer - May 2009
Wilson unit 4070, a Freightliner sleeper, also is going to the Metro warehouse for it's load. May 2009 The Mack bobtails past - July 2009 This truck was at the local METRO store with a delivery - June 2009
Here is unit 2555 pulling a Metro trailer - June 2009 The truck pauses at Tim Hortons while the driver gets a quick coffee. June 2009 This is one of Wilson's shunt trucks that keeps busy shuttling trailers to the METRO warehouse. - June 2009
Here is a Wilson's unit returning to Toronto on Highway 400. July 2009 Peterbilt 386 heads to the METRO Warehouse truck entrance - July 2009 WILSON'S 6246 - This Volvo is sublettered for the SPECIALIZED MOTOR EXPRESS division of Wilson's Logistics. - July 2009
WILSON'S 3729 is a Volvo with a deer bumper. It was on it's way from the QEW to the terminal - June 2009 WILSON'S 3828 was delivering at the local Metro Store - June 2009 WILSON'S 3851- This Freightliner daycab was turning to the Truck Entrance at the METRO warehouse - July 2009
WILSON'S 3858 - This Mack daycab was bobtailing past the METRO warehouse - July 2009 Wilson's Volvo, unit 4059, is hauling an older "We're Fresh Obsessed" logo'd trailer on it's way to the QEW. - July 2009
Wilson's are retiring it's fleet of Mack Vision tractors from 2004. They are to be replaced by 50 2010's. These '04's were seen parked with the logos removed in the trailer yard over the 2009 Civic Holiday weekend.
Some of the Macks are still running. Units 2553 and 2554 were spotted on August 7. These Penske Freightliners appear to be filling in until the new Macks are delivered.
Wilson Volvo 3692 was seen pulling a short trailer that has been "tagged".- October 2009 Wilson Mack 3864 was backed into receiving at a FOOD BASICS store. - October 2009 Kenworth T2000, unit 3866, is about to turn into the Metro warehouse to load. - October 2009
This older Freightliner daycab, unit 4005, was making a Tuesday morning delivery to the local Metro store. - October 2009 Wilson's Volvo, unit 4056, bob tails to the Metro Warehouse - January 2 2010. Unit 4056 pulls a Metro trailer beneath the METRO sign on the DC.
February 2010
Wilsons Kenworth unit 3555 was seen near the terminal - March 2010 Wilson Freightliner, Unit 4071, delivering to a METRO store in Mississauga - July 2010
By late summer of 2010, the replacements for the Mack tractors had joined Wilson's roster. These 2010 Freightliner Cascadias, numbered in the 10xx series, are painted white. Wilson's Volvo, Unit 3667, was parked in Mississauga - March 2011
This Wilson's Peterbilt wore unit number 3647 in December 2006. Wilson's Freightliner Cascadia, Unit 1033, has just left a Metro store in Mississauga. - June 2011 This Wilson's Mack CH is at the receiving door of a Mississauga Metro store,
This Freightliner Classic has just turned from The Queensway onto North Queen Street in Toronto. January 2012. Wilson's 3001 is a Mack CH613 daycab. - Seen on The Queensway in Toronto - October 2012. Wilson's 4104 is a Peterbilt 379. It was also seen, with it's "Chicken Lights" glowing, on The Queensway - October 2012.
This old Wilson's trailer was found being used for storage at the back of a Metro store in Mississauga. - December 2012. Wilson's Freightliner Columbia 4093 at the receiving area of a Mississauga Metro store - February 2013.
Here are two Wilson's Columbias eastbound on the QEW on their way back to the yard. - March 2013.
This Mack, unit 3776, was at the receiving door of a Metro store - July 2013. This Freightliner, unit 4125, was in the receiving door of a Food Basics store - September 2013. Wilson 4097 was turning to go to the Metro Stores warehouse. September 2013.
Wilson Volvo 1038 at the Metro store receiving -March 2013. April 2014 we saw this Volvo having finished it's delivery to Metro Clarkson Crossing store. Wilson's Freightliner, Unit 1022, at the store receiving at my local Metro store. January 27 2015.
Wilson's Volvo with a Metro Stores drygoods trailer at the Clarkson store receiving dock.

2017 marked the 80th anniversary of Wilson's Trucklines.

They redesigned their logo and applied it to some of their fleet.
This Volvo wears the newest logo on the airshield and doors.

It was a busy few minutes at the local supermarket. The Wilson's Volvo was just leaving and the Peterbilt 389 daycab from Pin to Pin Express was waiting for it's turn at the receiving door. I had shot a Pin to Pin back in 2015.
Here is Wilson Trucklines unit 1946 with the new logo pulling a Metro Stores drygoods trailer. -September 2018.    

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