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Here is a picture of a couple of Hayes tractors taken in 1975 hauling for Kim Tan Truck Lease, which hauled steel for Samuel & Sons Steel Service Centres in Mississauga, ON. Robert Archer Collection. Here is a picture of a Peterbilt laying over at the Husky truckstop in St. Catherines, Ontario in May 1978. Robert Archer Collection.
This Kenworth was leased to Kingsway Freightlines, running between Toronto and Calgary. The picture was taken in the yard of the Queenway Truckstop in Etobicke, Ontario, near the Kingsway terminal. Robert Archer Collection.
Here is a picture of a Freightliner belonging to a US based produce hauler. These truckers would switch their trailers to an Ontario trucker in Niagra Falls, at the Whirlpool Bridge crossing for delivery to Toronto. The US driver would layover in one of the nearby motels.
This photo is from Robert Archer.
Here is a Diamond Reo loaded with steel coils in the Husky truckstop in St. Catherines, Ontario. This Eck Miller rig was "In Bond" on the Buffalo/Detroit run. Robert Archer Collection. This picture, taken in 1978, at the Esso truckstop in Ancaster, Ontario. The picture shows a Chev Titan and a Brockway. Both rigs are of US origin and both hauled steel "In Bond" between Buffalo, New York and Detroit, Michigan. Robert Archer Collection. Here is a GMC "Cannonball" laying over in Niagara Falls in March 1975. Note the small sleeper. This truck has been driven north from Florida and was waiting for its trailer to be returned from Toronto. Robert Archer Collection.
This is a restored 1937 Chevrolet "Maple Leaf" taken in October 2001. This is the former Husband Transport terminal in Simcoe ON
Here is a 1950 Husband Transport truck given to William Sutherland in 1950, when his son Alan was born. William Sutherland worked for Husband for many years, when their head office was in London, Ontario. He worked in Traffic and Claims Departments and later as manager of the Husband-Overnite terminal in Simcoe, Ontario.
Here is the model of the Route Canada Ford LTL. Transport Route Canada did buy some Ford LTL 9000's for use as highway tractors. They were day cab models for the union drivers. The model shows dual exhaust pipes but the actual tractors were singles. The model was given to William Sutherland just before he retired. He was terminal manager in Simcoe Ont.
This CLT9000 Ford was leased to CAN-AM division of Bynes Motor Express. This was a Ryder Nationwide company during the early 1980's. It ran flatbeds of steel and lumber to and from the US. This picture was taken in 1982. Robert Archer Collection.
Here is a truckstop lineup. The location is the Queensway Drive In truckstop in Etobicoke Ontario, about 1976. The Hayes is from Kim Tan Truck Lease (Samuel Steel), the Peterbilt COE from FRUITBELT Trucking and the GMC Astro an unknown carrier.
I went to the Truck Races at Dragway Park in 1976 or 77. This day, I think the races were rained out. CAYUGA TRUCK RACES - 1976 or 1977
Here is a Mack model L taken in a small construction company's yard in Waterdown, Ontario.
This photo is from Robert Archer's collection.
This picture shows a GMC Astro along with an International "Emeryville" at the Truckstops of America location in Rochester, NY in October 1974.
This is from Robert Archer's collection.
Here is a 1981 GMC General shortly after being delivered from the dealer. It was powered by a 475 HP Detroit Diesel. Here is an International leased from Hertz from the Brampton Ontario branch pulling a tri-axle stake and rack trailer. Taken around 1981. This Peterbilt was leased to Export Packers in Brampton. It hauled meat in the "demo" Trailmobile trailer. Picture taken in Mississauga 1981.
The stripes on the rear of this XTRA Lease Van look like this is a former CP Express and Transport trailer. Photo taken in March 2002, Aldershot Ontario. This is a Transamerican Freightlines. It was taken on New York State Route 31 just outside Rochester NY in October 1974. Here is a White Road Boss hauling US Mail on US Highway 15 through northern Pennsylvania in October 1974.
This Kenworth was taken in Milton Ontario in the summer of 1977. This GMC was hauling a load of hay on Airport Road in Malton Ont. in September 1977. This Kenworth from Cantins Moving from Vancouver was shot on a dark November day in 1977.
North American Van Lines Peterbilt shot in May 1994. This was taken in November 1987 in Bruce County Ontario. Many loads of cattle were hauled from Alberta to the Walkerton, Paisley area in Ontario. They were fattened there for market in Kitchener and Toronto. Here is an old pup from HUME'S Refrigerated Service that is used for storage. Doug McKenzie has a shot of a Hume's unit in action.
Freightliner was leased to a Private Carrier called Pigment and Chemical in Milton Ont. It was shot around 1975. Bullnose KW was an owner-operator's tractor leased to Fruitbelt Trucking in St.Catharines Ont. This picture was taken in May 1978. An old Lewis Transport trailer used as a storage van in Toronto. I shot it on Jan 3 2004
Ford fire truck seen in Waterford Ont, Oct. 2003 Restored Chev fire truck from Norfolk County (Ontario) in the PUMPKINFEST parade. Waterford Ont., Oct 2003 Magnum Express Toronto terminal in March 1993. This is after they aquired Hendrie Cartage. There are four trucks visable in the picture, the Pizza Pizza Mack, then the back of a Hendrie Ford, a Magnum Freightliner and a second Hendrie Ford. This shows the yellow grill that offset the dark blue paint on most Hendrie tractors. They appear to have been doing a lot of lumber at the time, five loaded flatdecks can be seen. Today, PMCL buslines are in this building.
Here is an old FUTURE FAST FREIGHT van. Future was a temperature controlled carrier based in Oakville Ont. They went out of business in the late 1990's. Here is an old 45 foot Trailmobile from Caravan Trailer Rentals that was sitting in Streetsville Ont in November 2004. Caravan trailers were a common sight in Canada in the 1970's and 1980's. Here is a Motorways van trailer parked in westend Toronto.
Wayne Crane was nice enough to send us this great looking Spector Freight System Diamond T cabover. Wayne Crane Collection ©
Cronkwright Transport Don Querciagrossa Cronkwright Collection was a "Class C" carrier based in Simcoe Ont. I found this old Cronkwright trailer in a warehouse complex in June 2006
This motorhome is based on a 1980 Peterbilt. It was seen at a car show in July 2006. This sign was placed in front.
This lineup was at a restaurant in Burlington Ontario in 1986. Carriers included Kingsway (Ford), Day & Ross (International) and CP Express & Transport (Ford). Arnold Mooney Photograph This old trailer from Canada Transport of Belleville Ont. was seen in Toronto. Canada Transport was apparently taken over by Manitoulin in 1993/94. Omstead was a private refrigerated carrier from Wheatly Ontario. They hauled fresh fish and frozen vegetables. I found this old Omstead trailer in Port Dover Ontario in June 2006.
These two EATONS trailers were seen at an old delapitated factory on St.Clair Ave in Toronto 02/02/07 This is an old CP Rail piggyback trailer minus the axles etc. It was hard to see amongst all the junk around the CP Rail Lampton Yard 02/02/07 Other old equipment seen on West Toronto Ave in The Junction district...there are a couple of CPET trailers in this line. I don't know if the Ford tractor still runs. 02/02/07
This old storage van is a former DIRECT trailer. It looks to be of late 60's vintage This fine example of a Ford LTL 9000 was parked on Shawson Drive. - April 2009 While in Orillia in April 2009, I shot this Ford crane truck at a welding shop near our hotel.
This Mack "R" model tractor was parked beside the Ford. We returned to Orillia in July. The welding shop had a B model Mack Dump truck.
This L model Ford with a "For Sale" sign in the window was sitting in someone's front yard near Milton Ontario - August 2009 Here is an old CNROUTE Canada trailer that recently appeared at a trailer rental yard in Oakville ON. The CNRoute markings were dated from the early 1980's when CN consolidated all of it's trucking subsidiaries under one name. May 2011
Here are two pictures of a 1966 Kenworth K100 run by Bill Scollnik of Winnipeg. Bill bought the truck from an Owner-operator at Triline. Later he moved to International Transport when they opened a Winnipeg terminal. Originally powered by a 250 Cummins through a Spicer 4x4 transmission it was equipped with a drom box and ran for Midland Superior between Winnipeg and Vancouver. Bill upgraded to a 350 Cummins and a RT12515 transmission.
Photos and information credit Bill "Wee Willy" Scollnik.
This old International Loadstar flatbed truck is used as an advertising display for a landscape supplier's yard in Oakville Ontario. The picture was taken in May 2013.
This is an advertising card from Harkema Express, a trucking company from Brampton Ont. It's heyday was in the 1970's but was shutdown after a bitter Teamsters strike in 1981. The dormant PCV license was purchased by Roadway Express to facilitate their opening a Toronto terminal in 1982/83.
The photo of a Ford tractor and van trailer, superimposed over a photo of Toronto City Hall, was found on the Vintage Toronto Facebook Group.
This picture from the City of Toronto Archives was found on the Vintage Toronto Facebook page. This is an older model GMC from the 1970's taken in downtown Toronto. We marked the Customs release copy of the Airwaybill with ink stamps notifying the warehouse keeper which cartage company was doing the delivery. Truck Air (DomCon's Airfreight division) supplied stamps that read "TRANSFER TO TRUCK AIR". This picture brought memories of my career at the Airport during the 1970's and 80's.
From Arnold Mooney of Grimsby Ontario:
My late grandfather began operating a garage in Fruitland in 1926, give or take a year. I'll never know what enticed him to make tow-trucks out of old Cadillacs, but I understand he did "manufacture" a few of them.
The truck looks a bit of a wreck.
"Gum Dipped" tires? Need an explanation for this. Note phone number, "65 ring 2" Winona. It is impossible to read the license plate, but the colours suggest it is Ontario 1936. I guess the barn lantern is for night calls.
Interesting old piece of history.
This trailer from Dunlop Transport was seen in Woodstock Ontario in July 2013.
Dunlop was a full load "Class C" carrier from Petrolia Ontario.
This Mack B61 was owned by Dan Robertson Trucking of Hamilton Ontario. Jake Mulder ran it for 5 years between southern Ontario and Florida hauling produce. The B61 had the two stick Triplex Transmission. It didn't have a sleeper or air conditioning. It was cold in winter and hot in summer. Jake eventually earned a Mack Million Mile belt buckle driving this truck and similar Macks at Zavitz Bros. Photo by Jake Mulder.

Bruce Snider Freightliner Story

Jake Mulder sent Rob Archer two pictures of an old Freightliner COE grain truck he found on a farm near Wainfleet Ontario. Rob posted them om Hank's Truck Forum where they were recognised by members as possibly belonging to KARL SNIDER TRUCKING of Petersburg Ontario. Rob received an email from Chad Snider confirming that this was indeed his father's, Bruce Snider, truck and that it had been leased to his Uncle Karl's trucking company. The Freightliner had been specially ordered for the job and custom built in the Burnaby BC factory in 1976. Bruce took his family with him and drove it home from BC. Chad has arranged to buy the truck and plans to restore it and the old trailer. We congratulate Chad Snider and hope to see more pictures as the restoration progresses.
Borrowed my buddy's double drop to make the trip, barely fit in the well! Custom name plates are both on the doors yet! That's my 99 with a 500 Detroit on 46 Neway pulling it which I ordered as well.
The Zellers chain of stores was a casualty of the Canadian Retail Wars. Owned, at the end, by HBC Canada (Hudson's Bay Co) it was closed and many of the stores leased to TARGET Canada in 2012. Target botched their Canadian expansion and pulled out of the country in 2015. This old Zellers trailer is a storage van for HBC Canada store chain Home Outfitters seen at their Etobicoke Ontario location. - June 2015.
This old Mercury truck from the early 1950's is very rare. "Mercs" were built and sold only in Canada. This fine example was seen in Princeton Ontario in November 2015. In the early 1980's Tyrone Malone brought his BANDAG Racing TYeam to St.Catharines ON. Arnold Mooney was able to get these pictures which he has kindly allowed me to post.
One Sunday afternoon in July 2017 I went to a car show in Mississauga. There were a couple of old trucks being shown.
The first was this restored Dodge tow truck from Lyons Autobody. Note the "Erindale" and the "AT" telephone number on the door. That was the district I lived in as a young child.
Also, although not Canadian this 1950 LJSW Mack was being shown. In the third picture you will see the history of this truck.
Winter 1983 and work has commenced on twinning the Burlington Bay Skyway bridge on the Queen Elizabeth Way. Arnold Mooney took this view from the Hamilton side of the bridge. The closest truck is a cabover Mack from Quinn TruckLines of Niagara Falls Ont.    

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