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Husky Highway 410 Truck Stop
Here is a line up of trucks in August 2002. Here is a Freightliner from EURO Truck Lines at the 410 Husky Here is a line of bobtail tractors parked at the Husky 410 in October 2002.
This Freightliner from L.E.Walker Transport was leaving the Husky 410. Here is an International from Kindersley Transport from Saskatchewan, taken in early December 2002. Bobtails at the 401/Dixie Husky. These guys weren't having much of a Canada Day holiday, sitting in their tractors in a truck stop. The driver in the CX was wiping his windows and the driver in the CH was sitting there.
HUSKY has a large truck stop called the DIXIE / 401 in Mississauga. There were many trucks parked there on Canada Day 2003
Atlas Van Lines Freightliner turning into the Husky 410 Volvo from TNT Logistics at the Husky 410 Truckstop Swift Freightliner pulls up to the fuel pumps. Feb 1,2004
Here are some trucks at the HUSKY 410 truckstop on a dreary December 23, 2003 afternoon. Here are some of the trucks parked at the HUSKY 410 on the morning of January 2,2004
Here is a Volvo from TNT Global and a KW T2000 from Three-Way Trucking at the fuel pumps. Here is a shot of some of the trucks parked at the truckstop. Here is a sharp Freightliner Classic from Pace-Marathon Transport.
On Labour Day 2004 this Kenworth W900 from Arrowsmith Moving of Vancouver Island BC was parked near the Husky DIXIE/401 Truckstop. This Freightliner (Wild Horses) from AMJ Campbell Van Lines was parked next. This Pete 379 from The Wagon Shop was also parked nearby.
Here are some of the trailers parked at Dixie/401 This Peterbilt from Image Logistics of Abbottsford BC was at the HUSKY 410 Truckstop.
Manitoulin Transport team leaving for the west. GTX Logistics Volvo leaving the fuel islands A Motrux Peterbilt from British Columbia
Expediters from ADCO Logitics and TST Expedited Services were waiting at the truckstop.
Here are some Freightliners fueling at Husky 410 January 3, 2005 Bestway Volvo fuelling up
A Volvo from IWD Logistics left the truckstop after fueling. Right behind the IWD Volvo was a CANUSA Freightliner Feb 2005 Here is a Volvo from Choice Reefer Systems fueling at the Husky Truckstop in Mississauga in March 2004
Volvo from FLS Transport backs into a parking space A Kenworth K100 Drom unit from Burgess Transfer of Halifax leaves the truck stop.
Line up of the trucks parked. Western Star -unknown carrier- leaves the Husky
A Freightliner from Elke Bros out Langley BC was parked at the Husky 410. Feb. 2005 Freightliner Century from FTI leaves the Husky 410 after fueling. February 05 Peterbilt from GTL Transport from Dartmouth NS arrives at the truck stop
Two pictures of the line-ups at the large HUSKY DIXIE-401 TRUCKSTOP on Shawson Drive Freightliner from River City Movers was parked beside a lowboy from Diamond Transportation Systems
Travelers KW W900 at the Husky 410 Canada Day 2005 Some others parked at the Husky 410 Trimac Volvo pulled into the Husky 410 and parked beside Travelers
Bekins Van Lines KW T600 was weighed and left again This sharp Freightliner leased to Warren Transport from New Brunswick was parked in front of the AMJ CAMPBELL Pete "Go'in Home" from NL Here is a lineup shot of the trucks parked at the HUSKY 410 Truck Stop Thanksgiving Day 2005
Thanksgiving 2005 at the Husky 410 A Bison Volvo pulls into the Husky Dixie/401 truckstop - May 2006 A McKevitt International is on the CAT scale at the Husky Dixie/401 - May 2006
A longhood Peterbilt for Beacon Transit - August 2006 Trailwood Transport Volvo parked in the bobtail line at the Dixie/401 - August 2006 This Volvo was parked at the Dixie/401 Husky truckstop - August 2006
This Freightliner from FLS Transport was parked at the Husky 410 - February 2007 This smart looking Pete/Reefer outfit from S~M Freight was at the Husky 410 in October 2006
Here are lineups shot April 14 & 15 2007
Here are some of the tractors parked in the Husky Dixe/401 bobtail line. - September 2007 Peterbilts and Freightliners are the majority in this lineup at the HUSKY 410 trucksop - October 2007 Miscellaneous lineup of trucks parked at the Mississauga Husky 410 Truckstop - June 2010
Trucks parked at the busy Shawson Drive Husky Truck Stop - August 2010
Here is the Husky House restaurant at the Dixie/401 truckstop. The bobtail trucks that were laid over on that rainy April 2011 Saturday morning.
Here is the Mississauga Husky on a snowy December morning. BRADFORD HUSKY
Here is a view of the Husky at Highway 400 and Highway 88 just north of Toronto.
August 2013.
This looks like a "Freightliner Parking Only" line at the Husky Shawson Drive location, 8-30-14.
Two Freightliner Cascadias were at the fuel pumps at the Shawson Drive location on Saturday afternoon August 30 2014. The Kenworth W900 Milk Hauler - Transport Petit - from Quebec stands out amongst all the Volvos parked at the Husky 410 truck stop in January 2013. It was mostly Freightliners parked in the bob tail line at the Shawson Drive Husky on a dreary January 2013 Sunday morning.
It was bitterly cold on the morning of February 15 2015. Minus 24 with a windchill in the minus 40 range left the trucks and their drivers huddled against the weather. A lineup of trucks at the Shawson Drive Husky - April 2015 Here is a lineup shot at the HUSKY 410 Truck Stop - June 2015
This International ProStar is from Bullet Express of Regina SK. 11-1-15 Some of the trucks on November 1 2015 It was like a "Gathering of The Clans" at the Husky on November 1 2015. Trucks from all the major moving companies were parked together.
I didn't see a carrier name on this sharp Pete that was getting fuel at the Shawson Drive Husky - June 2016 Shawson Drive, December 2016

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