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Here is a Murry Patten Enterprises Peterbilt unloading propane in July 2000. This is a Western Star hauling for G.A. Foss Trucking. The truck is seen here pulling a 5-axle hot product tank in August 2000. Here is a Petro Canada International pulling a 5-axle B-Train from Mississauga, Ontario in August 2000.
The Central Ontario Energy Alliance uses this Freightliner to deliver fuel to farms, homes and businesses in Norfolk County, southern Ontario. Waterford Ont. April 2002. This International runs for Peel Ice and Fuel, the Sunoco agent in Brampton, Ontario
Bulk Systems was the tank service division of CP Express and Transport. This was a large operation in Western Canada. Canadian Pacific Express and Transport (CPET) set it up in Ontario around 1980. This 1979 Freightliner was leased to CP Bulk Systems in 1983. It hauled gasoline for Texaco, bulk sugar for Redpath and acid to Sault Ste Marie Ontario. This picture was taken in 1983.
This photo is from Robert Archer.
Here is a Kenworth T800 from Bridgeland Terminals Ltd. of Elmira, Ontario hauling a trailer load of liquid sulphur in May 2001. Here is a Freightliner from Peter Hodge Transport that is pulling a quad axle food grade tank trailer. This Mack day cab from UBA Chemicals hauls water treatment chemicals, taken in May 2001.
This Kenworth T800 hauls gasoline for Pioneer Petroleum around Ontario. Here is a Pioneer Petroleum Kenworth T600. Pioneer Kenworth 21-03. Here is a Kenworth T800 from Pioneer Petroleum, photo taken April 2002.
"Flirtin' With Disaster" is a Freightliner Argosy B-train unit from Trans Management Systems of Dundas, Ontario, taken in April 2002. Here is a picture taken in London, Ontario around the same time. The unit is currently for sale. I am upgrading to a shorter train and conventional tractor. The unit as is is 81 ft long. The cabover no longer comes with Cat power, so I am moving into a conventional tractor so i can stay with 15 ltr Cat motor. I love the Argosy but I want Cat power. Jim Burns Photo and Collection. Here is an International milk tanker from Alan Johnston out of Listowel Ontario, taken near Milton Ont in the spring of 1985.
John Grant Haulage of Mississauga uses phuematic hopper tanks and hauls cement for the St.Lawrence Cement Company. They also haul plastic resins. Here are their tractors parked on the 2003 Civic Holiday Monday. Here is a Volvo from PH Transport Ltd. of Milton, Ont. Mississauga Aug.2003 This Peterbilt from Carling Propane Inc was travelling near Brampton, Ont, in August 2003
Here is a vacuum truck run by Harold Marcus Trucking of Bothwell Ont. This carrier specializes in handling hazardous chemicals and cleaning chemical spills. An interesting mural on this fuel tanker from UPI of Guelph Ont. taken in Waterford Ont, October 2003 This Freightliner is hauling solvents for APCO Industries taken in April 2002.
John Grant Haulage Mack with pnuematic tank trailer in Mississauga in April 2004. One Sunday afternoon I came up behind this trailer from SUTTLES, boasting about its drivers. I wonder if the slogan is true. I didn't get to shoot the tractor. Clarkson Ont, March 2004 Rob Archer photo. This International was sitting outside the Volume Tank Transport terminal in Mississauga.
In 2002 Sunoco had their own private fleet delivering fuel to their service stations across Ontario. This Western Star was one of their trucks. Mississauga summer 2002.

In 2004, Sunoco contracted their deliveries to independant contractors and outside carriers. Here, GA Foss delivers to a station in Etobicoke ON, in May 2004.
This Mack CH 613, leased to Quality Carriers, was in Mississauga in January 2005
Trimac Freightliner FLD pulling a bulk tanker. Here is the SUNDOWN TANK LINE terminal in Oakville Ontario. They have their antique Mack tractor parked out front. - April 2005 Here is an International tractor leased to Sundown. They have moved from Oakville to Pelham (near Welland) Ont. - March 2007
Tudhope Kenworth hauling from the Petro Canada refinery in Clarkson Ontario - April 2005 Tudhope Volvo delivers a load of fuel to the Husky truckstop in Mississauga - May 2005 Stainless Steel food grade tank from TD Smith Transport based in Mount Forest Ont.
A Freightliner from Gorski Bulk Transport has just left its Mississauga terminal. A Trimac Kenworth W900 pulls into the Clarkson Petro Pass to fuel. A Freightliner Classic pulling an acid tank for ROHES ENVIROMENTAL; seen in Mississauga July 2005.
Here is a Peterbilt from KINSDALE CARRIERS based in Woodstock Ont who run a fleet of pnuematic tankers. It was in Etobicoke Ont in August 2005. This Air Products Mack was crossing the Oakville weighscales on the QEW in July 2005 Here is a an International pulling a pnuematic tank from Keith Hall & Sons taken near Burford Ont; January 15, 2006
This Primemax Energy Kenworth T800 was delivering propane at a service station in Mississauga - March 2006 This International from Gorski Bulk Transport was driving in Mississauga - March 2006 A sharp Freightliner tractor leased on with LIQUITERMINALS of Mississauga - March 2006
Western Star from Geo R Hill returning to Montreal after unloading at PetroCan - Clarkson;
March 2006
Here is a Mack from UBA Chemical Company pulling an ISO tank container of Hydrogen Peroxide Aqueous Solution - Mississauga April 2005
TORONTO TANK LINES, which despite it's name, is based in Hamilton ON They run food grade tanks in southern Ontario. These, a Volvo and a Freightliner, were parked in Toronto in June 2006. TTL Freightliner seen in Toronto - September 2006
A Peterbilt and a Kenworth from Transport Laval Chem from Quebec stopped for supper in Toronto - August 2006 This International from Keith Hall Transport was in Toronto - December 2006.
This Kenworth T800 from Rex Carriers/RKA Petroleum was arriving to unload in Mississauga - March 2007
Freightliner Condo leased to Quality Carriers approaches Ouality's Oakville ON terminal. United Petroleum Transporters Kenworth/ Btrain is delivering to a gas station in Oakville ON.
Here is a Kenworth T300 with a CO2 tank from Praxair - May 2007 A Mack leaves the ProKleen tank wash in Oakville ON - June 2007 Here is a Praxair Volvo daycab turning towards their Oakville terminal - June 2007
This Kenworth T600 from G.A.FOSS was delivering to a Sunoco gas station - September 2007 Camionages GHL from Quebec was seen leaving the Petro Can Oakville terminal December 2007 Queensway Tank Lines has opened a branch in Stoney Creek Ontario to do gasoline deliveries. This Kenworth was delievering at an ESSO station. December 2007
Here is a passing sequence of a tractor trailer from Superior Carriers on the Toronto bound QEW - January 2008 This Western Star is leased to Liquiterminals Ltd. - June 2008
This Freightliner was hauling a B-Train load of fuel to the Wilson Truck Lines terminal - May 2008 Correydale is an excavation contractor. They use this Sterling to haul fuel to the machines at the job sites. -March 2009 Grant Transport has expanded their fuel hauling business to cover most of Ontario. This International was stopped at the gate of the Petro Canada fuel terminal while the driver got his safety gear on.
Hutton Transport is the trucking subsidiary of St. Mary's Cement. This Mack was hauling a load of cement powder to their Toronto storage silos in June 2008. One morning in June 2008 I saw this pair of Peterbilts outside a small restaurant where the drivers were eating breakfast. The Pete on our left is leased to TRIMAC while the other is leased to TANDET (formerly LiquiTerminals) This white Pete was parked near the Quality Carriers terminal on a cold January 2009 day.
This Freightliner is parked outside the VOLUME TANK terminal in Mississauga. The building has been given the same paint scheme as the truck. January 2009 This Kenworth is from TRANSPORTS GUY MANHONEY of St. Hubert QC, "a well-oiled carrier", who haul lubricants throughout Quebec, Ontario and the Maritimes. QEW- August 3 2009. This Peterbilt is leased to Quality Carriers. It is hauling a Dry Bulk trailer.
Oakville, April 2010.
This Sterling runs for LW TRANSPORT of Toronto and Montreal This AIR PRODUCTS Freightliner was southbound on Ontario Highway 24 near Simcoe - August 2010 Here is a Kenworth T800 from ALLAN JOHNSTON MILK TRANSPORT of Listowel Ont, seen in Milton ON in September 2010
This Freightliner Cascadia is from APCO Industries, a Toronto based dsitributor of indutrial solvents. It was seen in Mississauga in February 2011. John Grant Haulage Mack hauling a 4 axle cement powder trailer seen in Mississauga. April 2011.
This is a truck I've been trying to shoot for several years and finally got a decent view. This 1971 Kenworth W925 is leased to Gorski Bulk Transport. It was originally operated by grain hauler Preston Feed. It appears to be out for a 40th season. It is November 2018 and the 71 Kenworth is still on the road.
Long may it continue!
This JOHN GRANT HAULAGE Mack is pulling a bulk trailer marked for their RESIN DIVISION. Here is a Freightliner Cascadia leased to Quality Carriers on its way to their Oakville ON yard. - June 2011. This Mack Pinnacle from Miller Cement was only a couple of months old when I saw it in August 2011.
This Internatiobal Lonestar leased to TD Smith of Mount Forest Ont. was parked for the weekend at the Clarkson PetroPass. - September 2011 This Freightliner is from Brasseur Transport based in Laprairie QC. who haul primarily foodstuffs. This truck was likely going to the tank wash in Oakville. - October 2011. This propane B train wears the logo of Great Western Resources, a company aquired by Seaboard/Harmac. The International tractor wears a Harmac badge.
Here is a Western Star from Geo. R Hall from Montreal. Mississauga - March 2013. A Western Star from Gorski Bulk Transport from Windsor. Mississauga - March 2013 This Freightliner is from Bridgeland Terminals Ltd. based in Elmira Ontario. Oakville - June 2013.
The Kenworth and it's bulk trailer from PDI based in Guelph ON stand out against the dull snowy background of November. This Freightliner is from Charbonnerie Champlain Division Transport CCL based in Cap-de-la-Madeleine, QC
Mississauga, April 2014.
4 REFUEL offers on site fueling of trucks, trains and equipment.
Here is one of their Freightliners that has just left the Tank Farm near Hamilton Ontario harbour. July 2014
Mack Daycab Western Star Mack Daycab
PRIMEMAX ENERGY INC is a propane distributor and hauler based in Ayr (Cambridge) Ontario.
They have painted this Volvo to reinforce the "Green" image of using propane as a fuel.
This Freightliner, seen in Mississauga, runs from the Praxair terminal in Niagara Falls New York. Here is a Freightliner from Harold Marcus Ltd., based in Bothwell ON.
October 2014.
This grey Freightliner Cascadia is from Transport Lavoie based in Quebec City QC. They are seen near the Suncor refinery in Mississauga. This all-white Peterbilt is leased on with Premier Bulk Systems of Gormley ON.
Southdown Road Mississauga December 2015.
Here is a Western Star from Geo R Hall from Anjou (Montreal) Quebec. They are a frequent sighting on Southdown Road in Mississauga.
This Western Star runs for McDonald Liquid and Bulk of Ottawa ON. - August 2017 Here is a Freightliner Argosy leased to Quality Carriers - July 2018 This Western Star runs for Altom Canada ULC of Breslau Ontario.
Here is a Freightliner from Groupe Deroches from Quebec City QC.
September 2018.

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