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Transport Groupe Robert Collection

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Transport Groupe Robert
This Freightliner Columbia is operated by Le Groupe JHM/PLUS which is a special glass handling division of Transport Groupe Robert. - Toronto December 2005 Transport Grp. Robert Volvo at a shippers in Toronto - October 2006 A Volvo pulling a Robert LTL -Service Plus trailer at a warehouse door in Mississauga - March 2007
Transport Groupe Robert paints their fleet in this bright colour scheme. This International was parked in Mississauga - April 2007 The driver of this Robert LTL Mack was looking for a delivery address. - May 2007
This Volvo from TGR was turning onto Dixie Road in Mississauga - March 2007 Robert International on a Smurfit-MBI run - December 2007 Robert Volvo 102307 was seen hauling a bill board trailer advertising Campbell Soup. Mississauga - July 2009
The traffic on Highway 401 was heavy when this black B-Train from Robert Specialized Division went past severals lanes away. It's tractor was a Volvo. - July 2009 ROBERT Volvo 102644, pulling a reefer trailer, was seen on an industrial street in Mississauga. - July 2009 This Robert International daycab is pulling a trailer equipped with areo skirts. It was seen in Mississauga - April 2010
This Group Robert Volvo and "B"train was seen on the Queen Elizabeth Way near Hamilton ON - August 2010. This Volvo, although I can't quite discern the name on the door, appears to be operated by a small fleet leased to Robert.
It was westbound on Highway 401 in September 2011.
Here is a TGR Volvo parked at a plaza in Mississauga - November 2011
This Robert Volvo was delivering at a RONA store in Oakville ON - August 1 2012. Here is a Kenworth T2000 on with Groupe Robert - July 2012 A Groupe Robert rig when painted in their yellow fleet colours always stands out. This one was on Southdown Road in Mississauga in May 2012.
TGR has ordered 180 Peterbilts powered by LNG in place of diesel fuel. One was displayed at the TRUCKWORLD show in Toronto in April 2012. This TGR Volvo is hooked to a Quad axle van trailer. Mississauga - May 2012. Here is one of Robert's "Clean" Peterbilts hauling a container on the QEW through Oakville ON. - September 2012.
TGR has installed fueling facilities at their terminals in Mississauga and 2 in Quebec. The LNG trucks must stay close to them.
Here is a TGR "B" train, eastbound QEW in Oakville. Robert runs one of the sharpest fleets on the road and this Volvo with it's 53 foot van shows why.
The tractor and trailer paint scheme is well matched and very clean. Both were seen in November 2012.
Here is a Volvo at a receiving dock in Mississauga - June 2013.
This trailer is decorated with an advertisement for DOLE Juices - May 2014 Volvo bob-tail seen near Milton - September 2014 Even Groupe Robert has some white painted trucks in it's fleet. - November 2013
Here is one of Robert's "green" Pete 386 tractors. - October 2014 ROLLEX is a Group Robert division - May 2014 A Volvo heads west along Highway 401 - March 2014
A Volvo rolls through the exit gate at the TGR Mississauga terminal. - April 2015 Group Robert has been experimenting with LNG powered Peterbilt tractors. I have seen some with solar panels installed on the cabs. I found the reason in an on line TRUCK NEWS article.
"Another issue was that the in-cab methane detectors sucked power, requiring additional batteries – and more weight – to be added to the vehicles. Not to be deterred, Robert has begun adding solar panels to the roof fairings to power the methane detectors and air-conditioning systems."
Here is a Solar Panel equipped "Green" Peterbilt tractor on The QEW in July 2015.

Here are some of the trucks leaving the Robert Mississauga terminal in June 2015.
It was a mix of company and owner-operator equipment.
This older International Paystar is assigned to the Smurfit-MBI account.
Highway 401 near Guelph ON - August 2016
Here is a Groupe Robert trailer going to Montreal on CP's Expressway Train.
August 2016.
This dump trailer from the ROBERT VRAC division rides to Montreal on the CPR Expressway train. July 2017.
Here is an International daycab entering the QEW in Mississauga. October 2018.    

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