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These three Reimers were laying over near the Reimer terminal in Mississauga
Reimer Express Fast as Flite division. Reimer Ford city unit 130191 is pulling ROADWAY pup 275595 in Mississauga, ON May 2002. ROADWAY Express is Reimer's owner. Here is a local catage company (BTW) picking up a Reimer shipment in Mississauga.
Mack CH making local deliveries in Mississauga pulling a RDWY pup. April 2004 Here is a Mack straight truck. Etobicoke Ont. June 2004. REIMER Peterbilt 150701 sits in the driveway of Reimer's Toronto Terminal January 2005. Hank Suderman has shot this Pete several times in western Canada.
Reimer Express Freightliner FLD at Reimer's Mississauga terminal This Reimer Express Coronado was parked at the motel at the corner of Highway 401 and Dixie Road in Mississauga where the Reimer drivers go for their layover
Volvo 150802 was parked at the layover motel in Mississauga. August 2005 Mack daycab was seen on North Queen Street in Toronto; April 2005 This Volvo, about to depart, sits in the driveway of the Reimer Mississauga terminal. October 2005
Two Volvos pulling ROADWAY doubles were seen at the Reimer Mississauga terminal - December 26 2005 This Ford city unit was seen in Toronto - July 2006
This Volvo with 2 Roadway pups was sitting in the driveway of Reimer's terminal - Aug 2006 Reimer Sterling city unit - Toronto August 2006
A Reimer Volvo pulling a set of Roadway pups leaves on a run to the border; September 2006 Nearby; another Reimer Volvo with a set of RDWY pups is in the ESSO Truckstop. September 2006
Roadway pups line the fence at Reimer's Mississauga terminal - March 2007 This Volvo was at the departure gate - March 2007 This Kenworth T600 was at the outbound gate at the Mississauga terminal - April 2007
Reimer Ford with a RDWY pup near their Mississauga terminal - May 2007 A Reimer Volvo with a set of RDWY pups was parked outside the Mississauga terminal - September 2007 Here are some Reimer highway tractors parked at their Mississauga terminal. March 2009
Roadway Express and Yellow Freight merged on March 1 2009. Reimer tractors are now seen hauling Yellow trailers as well as RDWY. Reimer will be renamed YRC Canada at some point.
In the wake of the YRC merger, Toronto operations of the new YRC REIMER have been shifted to the former Yellow terminal on Netherhart Road. Reimer's terminal on Shawson Drive sits virtually empty. These pictures were taken on the first weekend of April 2010.
This Reimer city unit
was in downtown Toronto in June 2010.
This Reimer Volvo was bobtailing near the YRC Reimer terminal in December 2010 A Reimer Express Volvo highway unit rolls along the QEW through Oakville ON August 1 2012.
Here are Reimer tractors parked at their layover motel near the Mississauga terminal in November 2013. Here is a Reimer tractor at the lay-over motel that is painted to YRC specs. The YRC decal is on the air dam with a Reimer decal on the tractor's door. March 2014
A Reimer Volvo on the QEW in Oakville. These are Montreal trucks moving shipments from the YRC Tonawanda NY (Buffalo) terminal to the Reimer terminal in Dorval. October 2014. This Kenworth T600 was at the Layover Motel near the Mississauga (Toronto) terminal - April 2015. This Peterbilt 579, also seen at the Layover Motel, wears the current "YRC" lettering and paint. - April 2015.
The Sterling city tractors soldier along after many years service. This one was working a West-Mississauga / Oakville route with a Roadway pup in May 2015. This Volvo with a dry van strikes a classic "pose" in Mississauga. July 2015. Here we are in 2018. The Sterling city trucks are still on the road.
Cell phone picture Etobicoke, February.
Here is a city pickup trailer with a YRC Reimer logo. September 2018 Here is a Volvo city unit that still wears the YELLOW name with operated by Reimer Express Lines Ltd. in smaller print. October 2018.  

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