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Private Carriers
This Freightliner is from Tim Horton's, Ontario's favourite doughnut store chain, taken at their head office in Oakville, Ontario in June 2001. Here is an International from Tim Hortons Doughnuts taken in March 2002. This Freightliner truck delivers oil products for Castrol Oil of Toronto.
These two Volvos were hauling a display for the Hawaii Tourist Board to malls across North America. The itinerary is painted on the trailer doors. This is at the Toronto stop in September 2001.
This International from Pepsi was delivering at the Horseshoe Resort in July 2002.
Here is a Volvo from the Hudson's Bay Company taken Dec 9th, 2001. Here is an independant contractor making a delivery at Pizza Pizza. The International tractor has been rented from Ryder. Here is a Sterling operated by Coca Cola in Toronto Ont. January 2002.
Brewers Retail International delivering to a restaurant taken in March 2002. Here is a pair of Internationals from Home Hardware Ltd. based in St. Jacobs, Ontario, running northbound on Ontario Highway 400 in May 2001. Here is a Freightliner day cab from Coca Cola. June 2002.
Here is a single axle Freightliner from SLH Transport Inc, the in-house carrier for Sears. Mississauga, Ontario August 2002. This Kenworth T2000 from Arvin Meritor Ride Control was photographed beside their west end Toronto factory in September 2002. Arvin Meritor Industries also runs this Peterbilt Model 387.
Ford Aeromax from Central Ontario Dairy making a delivery in Mississauga. September 2002. Robert Archer Collection. This Peterbilt from Kitchencraft from Manitoba was parked in westend Toronto in early April 2003. This Peterbilt from Grant Trucking of Manitoba hauls for Kitchen Craft. It was in Toronto in January 2004.
In late November 2003 a pilot for a TV series "The Coven" was filmed in Port Credit. These are the trucks that hauled the equipment and generated the power.
Sterling from Consolidated Bottle, taken in Mississauga October 2003. GIANT TIGER Freightliner making a delivery to their Port Dover Ont. location. December 2003. This International from Karbro Transport was making a delivery at a gas station convenience store. April 2004
The driver of this Klunski International was manouvering around two supermarkets in Mississauga, April 2004 Volvo from HBC Logistics - July 2004
Glen Huron Orchards of Glen Huron ON (near Collingwood) is a packer and shipper of apples. Their Western Star daycab was unloading in Mississauga in August 2004. In December 2004 this Freightliner from Sleeman's Brewery was delivering to the Beer Store in Port Credit. The Ippolito Group is a produce wholesaler and packer based in Burlington Ont. Their specialty is Queen Victoria Brand Spinach. - Toronto November 2004
Here are trailers lined up at the main warehouse of Tim Hortons in Oakville Ont. The trailers not equipped with nose cones are "B" units for B Trains. March 2005 TIM HORTONS Volvo delivering to an outlet in Oakville Ont 05/15/05 Pepsi International in Mississauga April 2005
CONESTOGA FRANCHISE SERVICES of Kichener ON does the stores deliveries for the M&M Meat Shop chain. This International was at a Mississauga store in August 2005. Summit Foods is a distributor in Ontario and Quebec. They have special trailers with three separate and flexible temperature controlled compartments for frozen, refrigerated and dry goods. The driver of this International was taking a short break. September 2005.
MOLSON have a large fleet of Western Stars. They deliver to Brewers Retail outlets around Ontario. CANADIAN is Molson's flagship brand of beer. TIM HORTONS have added some Internationals to their private fleet. Oakville ON Sept. 2005 A Coke Freightliner delivery unit in Mississauga ON July 2005
Tim Hortons International, pulling a SYSCO Ontario trailer was delivering to the store in Hagersville Ont; January 15, 2005 SLH Transport (Sears Canada) Freightliner about to swap trailers at a Sears store in Toronto - January 2006 TIM HORTONS International straight truck is making a delivery in Toronto - Feb 2005
CANADIAN TIRE used to run a large private fleet for their store deliveries. Today, a few Volvo day cabs still have the CTC decal on their door. This Volvo was on Browns Line in June 2005 This Volvo is run by the special promotions department of Labatts Breweies. It was in Port Credit in September 2005 Tim Hortons latest tractors are Freightliner Columbias. This one was delivering in Mississauga - May 2007
A Sleemans Freightliner is delivering to the local Beer Store on a snowy day. February 2008 This International 8600 from Sysco Toronto was on delivery to a hotel dining room - July 2008 Sysco is at the same hotel on a snowy January 2009 morning delivering to the dining room.
A SYSCO International 8600 is stopped on the street while the driver delivers to nearby restaurants. This International Prostar is decalled for Sysco Sturgeon Falls. That branch was apparently closed and it's work transfered to Peterborough. Picture taken in Toronto - January 2010. Tim Hortons International 9900 delivering to the Cloverdale Mall location - June 2010
Tim Hortons Volvo delivering to a store in Oakville ON - June 2010 This Pepsi International was doing a store delivery to No Frills - January 2010. This Mack CH613 runs for Toronto Salt, a company that distributes various grades and uses of salt. Mississauga - February 2011
This Mack CH from HBC Logistics was parked outside THE BAY store at Sherways Gardens Mall. With the pending sale of the Zellers chain the trailers markings might soon have to change. - March 2011. Not even a Tim Hortons truck making a delivery is immune from a parking ticket in downtown Toronto.
March 2011.
Here is a Tim Hortons Volvo making a delivery to their store in Port Dover ON - August 2011 Here are two views of a Canadian Tire Volvo delivering to a store in Oakville ON January 2 2012.
CTC relies on outside carriers like Canada Cartage for the majority of it's store deliveries.
This Tim Hortons Columbia was delivering to the store at Mississauga's Sheridan Mall. - March 2010. Karry Brothers supplies convenience stores and service stations with confectionary products.
This Freightliner daycab was seen in August 2010.
HBC LOGISTICS Volvo with an unmarked trailer on The QEW - March 2012.
A yellow Western Star from Sleeman's Breweries, possibly piloted by Chris Hall, was seen on Hurontario Street in Mississauga. - October 2012. Here is an International Prostar from THE BEER STORE backed into a Beer Store in Mississauga. It is probably loading empty bottles as THE BEER STORE runs the LIQUOR BOTTLE RECYCLING program on behalf of the Ontario Government. May 2013. This GFS Volvo was delivering to a restaurant on a bitter cold January 2014 morning.
Here is a Volvo from the Canadian Tire fleet seen near their Brampton Ontario DC. December 2014. This Kenworth with the name McRae on the air dam is likely from the McRae Lumber Company of Whitney Ontario. It was southbound on Provincial Highway 62 hauling wood chips to the papermill in Trenton Ontario. I saw it northbound a few hours later. McRae is one of the last companies to log in Algonquin Park, Ontario's oldest and one of the largest Provincial Parks. July 2015
A Canadian Tire Volvo daycab with a Canadian Tire container is making a delivery to the local store in Mississauga. December 2015.
Flanagan Foods have the distribution contract for Wendys Restaurants. This Volvo was delivering to an Oakville ON location in July 2016    

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