Some Truck Pictures from the Northwest Territories During the 1970's

These pictures are from Robert Archer's collection.

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Here is a picture of a Western Star pulling Pacific Western Transport doubles. This picture was taken at about 10:00 am in January 1975. At that time of year, there is almost total darkness all day and night. It is the opposite of the "Land of the Midnight Sun" season. The picture was taken at Hay River, NWT. Here is a picture from inside a cab on the MacKenzie Highway in the Northwest Territories in spring of 1975. Note the crack in the windshield; the roads were gravel and windshields didn't last long.Here is a picture of a Mack hauling for Byers Transport out of Hay River, NWT. This truck was driven by a friend of Robert Archer.
Here is a picture of a Mack with a sleeper, driven by Robert's friend. This truck hauled for Byers Transport, and is shown pulling a 45 foot reefer on the MacKenzie Highway between Hay River and Yellowknife, NWT. Here is a picture of a Mack pulling a "Northwest Territory Double." This is a "Rocky Mountain Double" in reverse. Here the pup, the 29 foot trailer, leads the 45 foot trailer. This picture was taken in the Yellowknife yard. The MacKenzie Highway was pretty tough trucking. This is a picture of a moving van that caught fire from an overheated axle bearing. The van burned completely.
Here is a photo of a tug boat and barge. The Northwest Territories didn't have roads north of Fort Simpson up to Inuvik, except winter ice roads. Most freight was moved in summer on barges from the railhead at hay River to the Arctic Ocean.

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