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United Van Lines
This United Van Lines Mack CH tractor runs for Direct Integrated Transportation from Manitoba. This International from McMinniman's Transfer of New Brunswick was in Toronto in September 2001. This Peterbilt COE was taken in Etobicoke Ont. in May 1982.
This Volvo from Halifax Transfer from Nova Scotia was in Mississauga in November 2001. The White/GMC runs for Williams Moving & Storage from Coquitlam, BC. Williams is a agent for United Van Lines. The picture was taken at Etobicoke, Ontario in September 2000. This White/GMC from Williams Moving & Storage of Coquitlam BC was in west end Toronto in May 2002.
This White/GMC from Canada Moving of Winnipeg was in west end Toronto in June 2002. This Peterbilt from Williams Moving of Coquitlam BC was in Mississauga in July 2002. This Freightliner straight truck is from Campbell Moving Systems, a United Van Lines agent in Toronto. July 2002.
This Kenworth from Cantins Moving from Vancouver was shot on a dark November day in 1977. Here is a drop frame trailer for handling domestic moving containers. May 2003/ United Van Lines Freightliner 346 715 unloading in Mississauga June 2003.
Kenworth Areodyne cabover from Canada Moving of Winnipeg MB taken in Mississauga in August 2003 Mack Vision tractor from Mid Arctic Transportation Inc. from Edmonton AB was in Toronto at the end of August 2003 Volvo from Geldarts Moving & Cartage Ltd.of Moncton NB, was in Mississauga on Labour Day 2003
This Freightliner is leased to Armstrong Van & Storage, the United Van Lines agent in Thunder Bay Ont. This Western Star runs for Campbell Bros. Moving, the United Van Lines agent in St. Thomas Ontario Owner Operator Ron Pridmore runs SMOOTH OPERATOR. It was in Mississauga, ON on January 2, 2004
Here is Freightliner Cabover from United Van Lines but no agency name is shown. The drom behind the cab is a domestic moving container. This angle shows the domestic moving container drom on the Freightliner. I shot this Freightliner in March 2004. It was at the same place in June 2005; this time with the trailer hooked up.
Williams Moving and Storage from Coquitlam, BC, agents for United Van Lines. Photographer unknown. Lamb, agents for United Van Lines. Photographer unknown. Jim McAuley of Fall River NS is the owner operator of this Volvo leased to United Van Lines agent Halifax Transfer.
Kenworth W900 from K&A Trucking, leased to United Van Lines. This International from Highland Moving & Storage of Edmonton was seen on Dundas Street in Etobicoke on July 3, 2004. Owner Operator Magnes Mayar from Victoria BC leases this Kenworth T2000 to Canada Moving/ United Van Lines.
I have shot this White/GMC from Williams Moving & Storage of Coquitlam BC every year since 2000. Here it is in 2004. This Mack works for LAMB 2000 Inc of Richmond Hill Ont. Here is a FL 80 straight truck from Martel Express from Montreal parked in Mississauga - Feb 2005
Here is the Volvo operated by Jim McAuley from Fall River NS. It still shows Halifax Transfer but is pulling a trailer from Abbotsford Moving & Storage from Kanata (Ottawa) Ont. February 2005 Freightliner COE/drom unit from D.Armstrong Moving in Missisauga January 2005 A Freightliner FLD from D. Armstrong Moving - April 2005
A US based Kenworth equipped with a Large Custom Sleeper popped out from behind a noisewall on the QEW in Mississauga. I was able to get a quck shot before it was out of range. 5/27/05 This sleeper equipped GMC straight truck from Campbell Moving System was in Toronto - June 2005 Here are two new Volvo 770's from D Armstrong Moving parked in Mississauga- June 2005
This International Eagle is leased to HOYT'S VAN LINES in Halifax NS. It was in Mississauga June 2005 Here is a Freightliner Century from Quick Transfer of Winnipeg MB. It was parked in Mississauga May 2005 Mayflower hasn't been in Canada for nearly 10 years, but United Van Lines has ressurected Mayflower in 2005. United's parent company owns the Mayflower name. This picture shows the head office of UVL Canada with a brand new Mayflower trailer. August 2005
This Freightliner COE is from Burgess Moving of Nova Scotia. Here is a Peterbilt 379 from Williams Moving of Vancouver parked in Mississauga in February 2006. Freightliner drom unit from Canada Moving of Winnipeg was seen in Toronto - May 2006
This Argosy Drom unit from Mid Arctic Transportation Company is in MAYFLOWER lettering. It was at the Husky Mississauga truckstop - July 2006. This Kenworth W900 from Direct Transportation of Manitoba is hauling a short trailer loaded with domestic containers. Mississauga - July 2006 A local crew from Campbell Moving running both an International and a Freightliner were working in Mississauga - August 2006
Freightliner from D. Armstrong Moving was unloading in Mississauga - August 2006 Portage Cartage and Moving was a North American Van Lines agent until June 8 2005 when they switched to Mayflower.
Hank shot a Portage Volvo in NAVL colours in March 2001. I shot this Portage Cartage Volvo at the Husky 410 truckstop on Labour Day 2006.
An International from Wills Transfer, Smith Falls Ont. was in Toronto - September 2006
This Freightliner Century straight truck from Hoyt's was at the Husky 410 truckstop in Mississauga - September 2006 International from D Armstrong Moving seen in Mississauga October 2006. This Kenworth K100 cabover from South Coast Movers was at a motel in Mississauga - December 2006
This Freightliner COE/Drom from Quick Transfer was at the Husky truckstop in Mississauga in October 2006 An American LARGE CAR is a rare sight in Ontario. This Peterbilt was visiting Toronto in May 2007. It has the United Van Lines name on the door. Peterbilt 387 from United Van Lines seen in Mississauga - February 2008
This Freightliner with drom from Bird's Moving of St.Catharines ON was in Port Credit ON in May 2008.
This Peterbilt from Boyd Moving from Ottawa was unloading in Mississauga - August 2008 This Western Star from Williams Moving and Storage from Coquitlam BC was seen at the Milton 5th Wheel truckstop - November 2008 Mack Vision from Rockbrune Bros parked at the Fort York Motel for the Xmas Holidays 2008-09.
A smart looking International from Williams Van Lines from Vancouver was being loaded in Mississauga - May 2009 This Argosy with drom unit from HIGHLAND MOVING from Edmonton AB was parked in Mississauga - June 2009 This Peterbilt from Canada Moving of Winnipeg came off Highway 401 and was heading towards the Husky Truckstop - July 2009. I think it is a special contractor and would like to know more about this truck.
While running an errand a couple of days before Christmas 2009 I saw a United Van Lines unit at a townhouse complex. I went to check and found a new International Lonestar. The owner operator and his helper were just finishing up and stowing their gear in the trailer.

This is my first Lonestar sighting and pictures.

After the pictures of the Lonestar were posted I received an email from it's owner-operator who turned out to be
I had posted a picture of Ron's Volvo in 2004. http://www.hankstruckpictures.com/pix/trucks/archer/2004/jan/uvl_volvo.jpg
Ron promised a "Retro" look based on old United Van Lines colours and these pictures show how he succeeded.

Ron "Smoothoperator" Pridmore decorated his Lonestar in support of his favourite hockey team - the Ottawa Senators.
April 2010
Ron gave me permission to post this photo of his Ford CL9000 on the Trans Canada Highway in Alberta or BC.

In September 2009, outside the UVL Canada office in Mississauga, I saw this Freightliner COE loaded with domestic moving containers. Transport W CYR is the United Van Lines agent in St. Jerome QC. This International straight truck was unloading store fixtures at a mall in west end Toronto. April 2010.
This older Freightliner from Cal Nichols Moving from Barrie ON is equipped with a short drom. I saw it parked at the 401/Dixie Husky truckstop in September 2010. This Volvo from Parks Moving and Storage from Pittsburgh PA was at a Mississauga motel in August 2010. This Kenworth W900 was being off loaded in Mississauga - September 2010
This Volvo runs for Hoyts Moving from Nova Scotia. It was seen in Mississauga November 2010 This Peterbilt from D Armstrong Moving was turning down a side street on it's way to a residence. December 2010. This Peterbilt is from McMinniman's Moving & Storage Ltd from Fredricton NB. It was parked in Mississauga. - June 2011
This Freightliner from A-Mrazek from St Louis MO was being unloaded at a shopping mall. - April 2012.

This 2008 Kenworth T660 is operated by Bekins Moving and Storage of Parksville BC, driven by Shawn Timewell. It runs the 4 western provinces during the winter and comes into Ontario and Quebec during the spring and summer. It was hooked to a new 2012 Kentuckey brand trailer done up in United's latest logo and graphics when I saw it at the end of May 2012 in Mississauga.
The trailer doors were open while the driver was tidying things. He closed the doors so I could get a shot of the new United Van Lines (Canada) logo and graphics. Here is a view of the '08 T660 with the new 2012 trailer.
Vancouver Island BC is home to some outstanding United Van Lines Kenworths. This W900 from the Nainamo Minutemen is one. Mississauga - July 2012. This Freightliner Columbia from Williams Moving and Storage from Vancouver is equipped with a sturdy "Moose Bar" - Mississauga October 2012. Here is picture of 2006 Western Star. Picture is taken in the Magedllan Islands July 2, 2012. Scott Kelly Collection.
My friend, Jon Jones, of Youbou BC, shot this United Van Lines Freightliner while visiting Mississauga - December 2012 On a dull January 2013 morning this Freightliner Argosy from NORTH STAR MOVING (MATCO) was seen at a Mississauga truckstop. D Armstrong Moving Kenworth W900 westbound Highway 401 near Milton. - July 2013.
This Argosy with drom unit from Highland Moving of Edmonton is on the entrance ramp to Highway 401. - July 2014. This Freightliner Columbia from Highland Van Lines of Edmonton was laid over at the Mississauga - Shawson Drive - Husky Truck Stop in August 2014. This Kenworth W900 from Martel Express Moving based in Montreal looks like it was switched to United from an Atlas Van Lines agency. - June 2015.
This Cabover Freightliner from Rockbrune Bros of Ajax was parked on the street in Mississauga. June 2015. Here is an International ProStar from Campbell Moving Systems with a load of domestic moving containers on Highway 401. - January 2016.

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