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Atlas Van Lines (Canada) Ltd.
Here is a pictures of Atlas Van Lines' Canadian corporate headquarters in Oakville, ON, taken in April 2000. Rarely a truck to be seen there. Atlas Van Lines International 8300, unloading in Mississauga, ON in February 2000. An International 8300 from Royal Moving & Storage, who have terminals in both Mississauga and Belleville, Ontario. The picture was taken in March 1998.
AMJ Campbell is a large Atlas Van Lines agent. Here is a Freightliner leased to them by an owner/operator, taken in April 1995. Here is a GMC straight truck from A & S Roseth Moving & Storage, taken in April 2000. Here is a Mack CH 613 from AMJ Campbell Van Lines. The picture was taken in April 2001.
Here is a new International Eagle tractor leased to AMJ Campbell Ltd. If you look closely at the side of the sleeper, you'll see a sign "In Memory of..." as well as a sign telling people who is passing them. The pictures were taken in Mississauga, Ontario in December 2000. Atlas Van Lines Freightliner condo from Kennedy Moving, taken in June 2000.
Occupying most of the residential street this Royal Moving (Ottawa) van is unloading in Mississauga. The Freightliner Century tractor was rented from Penske. February 2002. Here is a Freightliner Condo from AMJ Campbell loading in Mississauga in August 2001. King Transfer Van Lines is an Atlas Van Lines agent, based in Montreal. They have branches in Ottawa and Toronto.
This Freightliner is operated by AMJ Campbell's International Division. It was unloading from a P&O container in October 2002. Here is a Vovo from AMJ Campbell. It ahs a large AMJ Campbell logo on the hood and a Candian Olympic Tream logo behind the sleeper. January 2003. Avenue Moving & Storage changed Van line affiliation from northAmerican to Atlas Van Lines in 2003
This AMJ Campbell International from Saskatchewan was seen in Mississauga in April 2003. AMJ Campbell/Atlas Freightliner 15905 is unloading in Mississauga June 2003.
AMJ Campbell /Atlas Van Lines Freightliner Argosy from Ottawa, Ontario taken in Victoria, BC in June 2003. Photos by Jim Groeneweg
This International straight truck runs for Scannel Moving Dave and Deb Walker (D&D Trucking) of Sydney Nova Scotia lease their Mack, BIG ANGUS II to AMJ Campbell's Ottawa Ontario branch. This is a view of the lettering on the sleeper of Big Angus II
Here are two views of a Kenworth W900 from KMS Moving Systems of Oakville Ont.,taken December 27 2003 Here is a Freightliner from Harvey Moving, based in St.Catharines ON, unloading in Mississauga in December 2003
Here are two views of a very sharp Kenworth W900 from Imlach Moving of Trenton Mich.
It was being unloaded in Port Credit Ont. in April 2004
This Volvo runs for AMJ Campbell out of Sydney Nova Scotia. It was in Mississauga in June 2004.
This Peterbilt 379 runs for Bob LeDrew & Sons of Mt Pearl NFLD. It was in Mississauga in November 2004. This AMJ CAMPBELL Freightliner drom unit spent New Years 2005 layed over in Toronto. RETURN VISIT -- I shot Garry Brown's International Eagle in December 2000. It returned, looking a little weathered but still sharp, nearly 5 years later in July 2005.
This Volvo from Outaouias Moving Inc is based in Hull QC. It was parked in Mississauga in Feb 2005 Freightliner from HIGHLAND STORAGE & VAN based in North Vancouver BC was in Mississauga. March 2005
Here is a Volvo from Prestige Movers at the Husky 410 Truck Stop May 13, 2005 Freightliner straight truck from AMJ Campbell was unloading in Mississauga June 2005 Freightliner COE/DROM Unit from Premiere Van Lines, an Atlas van Lines agent, was parked in Mississauga July 1 2005.
Mel & Diane Lush of Stephenville NL operate this sharp Peterbilt 379 named Goin' Home. It is leased to AMJ Campbell Van Lines Markham ON office. Picture taken at the Husky 410 Truckstop June 2005 This International drom unit is from JAY'S MOVING of Regina SK. It was parked at the Fort York Motel in Mississauga - July 2005
On Labour Day weekend 2004; I shot this moving van outfit called "Wild Horses" at a truckstop in Mississauga.
In November 2005; I was able to shoot the front of the tractor.
Following an Atlas Van Lines in heavy traffic. - January 2006 This International straight truck appears to have been converted from a tractor. AMJ Campbell unloading in Mississauga - 02/24/2006
This AMJ Campbell Freightliner drom unit is called PRIDE AND PASSION. It was in Mississauga - April 2006.
This nice Western Star Lomax leased to AMJ Campbell was in Mississauga in March 2006. This Freightliner Century from Outaouis Moving was parked in Mississauga - September 2006
There were two Freightliner straight trucks from Premiere Moving parked nearby. September 2006. A short distance away was this International from Penske which also had a Premiere Moving decal on it. September 2006
This Kenworth T800, hauling some short domestic containers, was being unloaded in Mississauga in mid-December 2006. This Highland Van & Storage Freightliner from Vancouver BC was in Mississauga - February 2007 Here is a Peterbilt tractor from AMJ Campbell's Special Products Division - September 2007
International COE/Drom from OUTAOUIAS Moving from Hull QB This Kenworth W900 from Premiere Van Lines was unloading in Mississauga - Sept. 2007
This Freightliner Argosy was parked near AMJ Campbell's Mississauga terminal. - Nov. 2007 This Freightliner drom from AMJ Campbell sustained some damage on it's trip to Toronto - December 2007 This Volvo from Manitoba was seen in August 2007
Peterbilt 387 parked outside the AMJ Campbell terminal in Mississauga - March 2008 Two straight trucks sit at the office of local Atas agent Avenue Moving and Storage. Freightliner Argosy Drom unit from AMJ Campbell parked outside the Mississauga terminal on Canada Day 2008.
This 2008 Peterbilt 387 leased to AMJ Campbell is hauling a display for World Vision across Canada. It was in Port Credit packing up the display on June 20, 2008. In April, Hank Suderman shot it at the Trinity Western campus where he works.
This Freightliner from AMJ Campbell in Ottawa Ont. was at a motel near the AMJ Mississauga Terminal. July 2008 A Freightliner from LH Chapple of Fredricton NB was running through Mississauga - July 2008 This AMJ Campbell moving van with a Penske tractor was leaving the ESSO truckstop - July 2008
Freightliner from local agent AVENUE MOVING - 2008 Kenworth W900 was parked outside AMJ Campbell's Mississauga terminal - September 2008 Freightliner Columbia from the AMJ Campbell Moncton NB terminal was weekending in west end Toronto - October 2008
This Freightliner is from WINTER MOVING based in Bentonville Arkansas. It was loading in Mississauga - November 2008 This International is from Globe Moving & Storage from Winnipeg MB. It was at a motel -September 2008 Local Agency AVENUE MOVING have signed this Freightliner Argosy onto their fleet.
King Transfer Van Lines, an Atlas Van Lines agency, opened an office in Winnipeg MB where this Kenworth COE/Drom unit is based. - March 2009 This Mack Vision operates for the AMJ Campbell branch in Kingston Ontario. I found it parked in Mississauga on Victoria Day 2009. Owner-operator Glenn Bartlett runs this Volvo for Royal Moving who have offices in Mississauga and Ottawa. - May 2009
AMJ Campbell unit 492756, an International Prostar, was parked at the terminal in February 2009 AMJ Campbell unit 437082, a Freightliner Century, was parked at the terminal in March 2009 I like the paint scheme on this AMJ Campbell Argosy, unit 26037, I saw outside the terminal in May 2009. It is a change from polished "bling" seen so often today.
This AMJ Freightliner Columbia, unit 16951, was loading in Mississauga in March 2009. This International COE / DROM was parked at the AMJ Campbell office in Mississauga in December 2009. It shows as being leased to AMJ's London Ontario branch. This International Prostar tractor was parked at AMJ Campbell's Mississauga office in October 2009.
This Kenworth W900 was parked on an industrial street in Mississauga - May 2010 This Western Star from Miller The Mover from Thompson MB was laid over at the Fort York Motel in July 2010. This Freightliner Century is equipped with a short drom and was parked near the AMJ Campbell terminal. July 2010
This International 9900 from AMJ Campbell was seen in July 2010. This Volvo daycab is from Parkway Van Lines of Ottawa. It was being unloaded in Mississauga in July 2010. This Western Star was parked at the AMJ Campbell terminal in Mississauga - October 2010
This Peterbilt leased to AMJ Campbell Vancouver would be truly outstanding when clean and polished but February is not the month to see clean trucks. It is very sharp despite the coat of road grime. Mississauga - February 2011
This Peterbilt leased to AMJ Campbell Vancouver would be truly outstanding when clean and polished but February is not the month to see clean trucks. It is very sharp despite the coat of road grime.
Mississauga - February 2011
Here is a Freightliner COE from King Van Lines from Winnipeg seen in Oakville ON in April 2010. This Volvo parked outside AMJ Campbell's Mississauga terminal was hauling a "Special Commodity" division trailer. - September 2011
This International 9900 from AMJ Campbell was hooked to a special commodities trailer when photographed in February 2010. This Freightliner COE was seen in Oakville ON
September 2012.
Here is a Kenworth T700 leased to AMJ Campbell outside their Mississauga ON terminal. November 2012.
Here is a Western Star parked outside the AMJ Campbell terminal pulling a "Special Commodities" trailer - November 2012. This Freightliner Argosy drom unit shows ATLAS VAN LINES on the door without any agency name. - Mississauga, December 2012. This Pete 587 from Paclease (Paccar's Leasing Arm?) is hooked onto an AMJ Campbell Special Commodity trailer - May 2013.
These Atlas units were parked in Oakville, probably getting prepared for the busy moving season ahead. - April 2013. A Freightliner and an International were parked in a "winter wonderland" after a snowy night in Mississauga - February 2014.
In March 2014, a Freightliner COE with drom and a Volvo from the Fredericton NB branch were parked near the AMJ Campbell Van Lines terminal in Mississauga. At the end of March 2014, we saw this International 9900i parked near the AMJ Campbell terminal.
AMJ Campbell operates a wide variety of equipment including this reefer trailer dropped near their yard. This older Freightliner from AMJ Campbell's Ottawa Ontario branch was at a motel in Mississauga in May 2014. here also is a Highland Van in Delta BC (Vancouver area) ; an Atlas Van Lines agency. Their KW T2000 was at a Mississauga motel in August 2014.
This Kenworth COE is leased to AMJ Campbell through one of their British Columbia offices.It was in "Movers Row" at the Husky Shawson Drive truck stop in Mississauga. June 2015. This Peterbilt seen in Mississauga sports a custom paint job. It s leased to AMJ Campbell's Vancouver BC brand. October 2015.
Moving vans seen near AMJ Campbell's Mississauga Warehouse. - December 2015
This International Prostar is from MILLER THE MOVER out of Thompson MB. It was at the MIssissauga Husky truckstop in June 2016. Premiere Van Lines, from the Halifax NS branch, run this Peterbilt straight truck. There must be a sleeper compartment built into the van as there is a vent visible. It was at a local motel in June 2016. This Peterbilt COE was in Mississauga - December 2016
Here is a Volvo from AMJ Campbell - December 2016 This Argosy cabover from AMJ Campbell
was in the Clarkson district of Mississauga. July 2018

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