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Melburn Truck Lines/Musket Transport Collection

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Annotation by Rob Archer

"Melburn Truck Lines, based in Mississauga Ont. is an interesting carrier. They were originally a produce hauler, hauling fruits and vegetables from Florida to Ontario. Russ MacNeil shot this Kenworth COE loading at a Florida packing house inthe early 1970's. After US based produce haulers were allowed to run all the way to Toronto, Melburn expanded to hauling intermodal containers from the ports on the US east coast; primarily New York and New Jersey; to Ontario. Following US deregulation they hauled dry van freight from all 48 states to Ontario. They were sold in 1999 to Musket Transport, also of Mississauga Ont."

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This Melburn Truck Lines Kenworth was taking an empty chassis to the CP Rail's Obico Yard to pick up a container in June 1997. Robert Archer Collection. In February 1995, the same tractor was leased to Melburn Truck Lines of Mississauga, ON. Melburn runs the Eastern USA from Ontario. Robert Archer Collection. Melburn Truck Lines Kenworth. Russ Mac Neil Collection.
Melbourn Truck Lines was sold to Musket Transport in 1999. Here is a Volvo with decals from both companies taken in July 2001. This is Melburn's terminal building in Mississauga, Ontario.
Here is a Kenworth at the Melburn terminal. It is actually carrying Musket decals. May 2002. Musket Volvo in Toronto; March 2006 Here is a owner operator Volvo heading in bound on the QEW in Oakville on a Saturday morning - July 2010
Musket Transport with a Hyundai box Musket Transport Volvo - Senator can - 4-3-12
Musket Transport with MSC reefer - 3-29-12 Musket Transport Volvo with a step deck load
Jake Muldar of Wainfleet ON drove for both Zavitz Bros and Melburn Transport. He sent me pictures of caps with the Melburn M logo.
Jake Mulder sent me these pictures.
They are of the small fleet owned by broker Ole Larsen. Ole had the four Macks, one of which was powered with a V8, leased onto Melburn Truck Lines.
This second picture is of a painting of one of Ole's trucks. Ole had driven for Zavitz Bros and then went over to Melburn.
My Dad, Pete Hayes, drove for Melburn from 1989 to 1996. This was his 1981 Pete 359. He bought the truck from Melburn in 89. He ran containers to Newark, New Jersey and lived in Belleville. Dwayne Hayes Collection.
Musket Transport had a trailer decorated in honour of the CANADA 150 anniversary in 2017. It was placed near the street at their terminal over the Canada Day Weekend. This Peterbilt was parked near Musket's Mississauga yard/ July 2018 Musket Volvo taking two 20 footers on a B Train to their Southdown Road CY. -August 2018.

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