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Loblaws is Canada's largest grocery store chain. They have stores under Loblaws, No Frills, Zehrs banners among others.

They run a large private fleet in Ontario. Many of their trucks are "Rolling Billboards" for Loblaws products. The main advertisement is for "PRESIDENT'S CHOICE" which is Loblaws house brand. Note the number of PRESIDENT'S CHOICE signs on the trailers. Please see CHRIS HALL'S Collection for National Grocers. That is a Loblaws division.

Basically, if the store you are shopping in sells the Presidents Choice products, its a Loblaws outlet.

Dominion was owned by A&P of the States until 2005.

A&P had their own stores in Canada. They bought the Dominion Store chain.

They realized that the three store chains spent most of their time competing with each other while Loblaws was pulling ahead. They decided to run all three under the Dominion Stores name. They closed many smaller and older outlets.

Wilsons Truck Lines is the main carrier for A&P/Dominion. They used to do both A&P and Dominion when they were independant. They run more trucks today than 20 years ago. It's obviously a good contract.

Metro Inc based in Montreal bought the entire A&P(CANADA) company in 2005. They had purchased the LOEB (IGA Stores - Capital City Transport) Company earlier. The A&P buyout gives them a larger piece of the Ontario market.

Sobeys of Nova Scotia has joined in the Ontario market. They have many stores across the province. Canada Cartage is their main carrier from a DC in Milton Ontario. Those trucks are plain without billboard trailers.

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Mack from Loblaws taken in May 2001. President's Choice is Loblaws Store brand. This Mack is delivering to a Loblaws No Frills outlet. Here is a Loblaws Ford Aeromax with a short reefer taken in June 2001. International from Chapmans Ice Cream of Markdale Ont delivers to a No Frills store.
The trailer doors are a good location to mention "President's Choice." This Ford is pulling a trailer advertising Presidents Choice boxed burgers. Loblaws has added some Volvos to their fleet in 2002.
Here is an old trailer from Dominion Stores. The graphics show a slogan from the late 1960's or early 1970's. This is a Volvo from Wilson's unloading at a local A&P/Dominion Store taken May 2001. Robert Archer Collection. Sterling, Loblaws unit 820, was pulling a rental van in September 2002.
This Volvo from Neilsons Dairy was in Oakville Ont in June 2003 Loblaws uses some outside carriers to augment it's private fleet. July 2003 This International from Gerald Powell Transport delivers BRYERS Ice Cream products.
This Coca Cola Toronto Freightliner was delivering to a store. Oct.2003 This Sterling from Grey Ridge Egg Farms of Strathroy, Ontario was delivering in Mississauga. Here is a Volvo from A.De La Chevrotiere of Rouyn / Noranda Quebec. It was at FG Lister's dock in westend Toronto in March 2004.
Loblaw's now has some Internationals in their fleet. Number 869 is delivering some refrigerated product in March 2004. Parker Transport was delivering PARMALAT cheese products in September 2003. Here is a Mack from ACE Cartage delivering to a No Frills store in December. The trailer advertises Loblaw's "GREEN" product line.
Readybake Foods International delivers confectionary products just before Christmas; 2003 Peterbilt from Thompson Terminals is delivering with a Loblaws trailer May 2004 Single axle Freightliner from Cargil Foods delivering deli products. These tractors are now part of Loblaws Private Fleet and are no longer badged with the Cargil name.
A Ready Bake Foods Mack is on it's way to a Loblaws store with a load of baked goods. - April 2005 This International from Dominion Citrus is delivering at a No Frills store in Mississauga, July 2005 Loblaws Mack Vision unit 0612 was deliverying at a NO FRILLS store - January 2006
International unit number 0110 delivering at the local No Frill store - 02/2006 Driver Jack Beattie from Mississauga was about to retire in the fall of 1980 when his picture was taken with his Ford LT9000 in St, Catharines Ont. Arnold Mooney phonto. Arnold Mooney found this old National Grocers straight truck sitting in a field near Cochrane On, in 2002. It appears to be an International.
Outside contractor hauling a Neilson Dairy (division of Loblaws) trailer at No Frills - Jan 2007 This Mack Vision has a trailer that also advertises Cheesecake - August 2007 Loblaws Volvo, unit 0428, has a trailer showing Caramel Apple Cheesecake - July 2007
This Canada Cartage Kenworth is spotting a Loblaws billboard trailer that advertises the GREEN Line of products. - Mississauga November 2007 Many Ontario trucking companies pull Loblaws loads. This Ford Aeromax from Grant Transport based in New Hamburg ON, was delivering to a Mississauga store in November 2007. Volvo hauling a President's Choice Pet Food trailer - November 2007
Canada Cartage Kenworth with a President's Choice Special Occasion ad on the trailer at No Frills - December 2007 Loblaw Mack 0505 was hauling a plain trailer.The HAZ-MAT placard frame showed LOBLAW - January 2008 Loblaws Volvo 0428 had a trailer advertising cakes. - January 2008
This single axle Penske International was hooked onto a 53 foot reefer. - March 2008 Koch Transport of Cambridge Ontario is another carrier keeping it's equipment busy hauling Loblaws trailers to the stores. - Mississauga July 2008 Monday morning lineup at the No Frills Grocery Store taken on Feb 9, 2009
Here are some miscellaneous pictures taken at the No Frills Grocery Store over the past few months
This Volvo had a reefer trailer advertising NO NAME FROZEN VEGETABLES - October 2009. This Volvo had a dry goods trailer advertising PRESIDENT'S CHOICE Bath Tissue - December 2009
Young Transportation System is a major 3rd Party carrier for Loblaws. This Young System Freightliner had a dry goods trailer advertising Loblaws PRESIDENTS CHOICE Childrens Charity. November 2009 This Young System Freightliner was using a short, single axle trailer when delivering to No Frills. February 2010
Loblaws renewed it's commitment to it's Private Fleet in 2010. This newer Volvo was at No Frills in January 2011. The company logo on the air dam is LOBLAW without the "S". A Penske tractor pulling a Loblaws trailer is likely a company driver with Young Transportation Systems. This Freightliner has been traveling on messy roads delivering to No Frills stores. January 2011 This Loblaws Peterbilt daycab was leaving the Fifth Wheel Truck Stop in Milton churning a large cloud of dust - August 2012.
I popped into my old No Frills store and found this International backing into the receiving door. The trailer was wearing the "Gourmet Coffee" graphics. March 2013.

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