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Long Combination Vehicles (LCVs) were authorized to operate on Ontario roads starting in 2009. Called Trains Routier in Quebec, the regulations are similar in both provinces allowing twin 53 foot trailers to move between Toronto and Montreal. New Brunswick also allows them. The Ontario operation is officially a "pilot project" with only 100 operating permits issued. The LCV's must be driven by specially qualified operators, not exceed 90 KM/H on the highway and not operate in December, January and February.

My first personal sighting was in November 2009 when a LCV set emerged from the DIXIE- 401 Truck Parking yard and went up to Highway 401. I got a glimpse of a HBC Logistics Volvo with twin trailers.
In June 2010, I was watching on Dixie Road and I saw two Guilbault Transport trucks pull off Highway 401, heading towards the MOTOR EXPRESS INC terminal they share with Meyers Transport and Manitoulin Transport. The first had two 53 foot trailers.
The second was hauling a single 53 foot trailer but it had a converter dolly hooked to it.
More LCV pictures will be posted as I get them.

Another special truck seen is MANITOULIN TRANSPORT 's Super Truck . This is a long wheel base COE tractor, usually a Freightliner, with a drom box mounted on it's frame. It is equipped with tag axles to handle the weight of heavy loads. These loads are usually natural resource loads like lumber or ingots that are produced in northern Ontario. LTL freight and express are loaded in the drom box. Manitoulin is the only carrier that operates this setup.
Here is a Manitoulin Supertruck turning onto Shawson Drive to head into the terminal June 2010. This Freightliner Argosy Supertruck was parked for the weekend near the fence at the Mississauga terminal - January 2010 A Transport Grp. Robert LCV combination heads east on Highway 401 towards Quebec. April 2011.
This set, with a Bison and a Hyndman trailer, was eastbound on Highway 401 near Milton in April 2013. This set was assembled at the DIXIE-401 Truck Yard in Mississauga. I believe it went west towards Windsor once it got to The 401. - July 2013. LCV's are rarely seen on the Queen Elizabeth Way but in 2013 I saw sets from DCT Corp based in Brantford on several occasions. This set was eastbound passing Applewood Acres in June.
Rosedale Transportation has a yard in Mississauga near Highway 401. This set of LCV's behind a Volvo day cab was on Dixie Road headed to The 401.- July 2013. Transport Guilbault brought in a set from Quebec. Here it is about to turn from Shawson Drive into the Motor Express Terminal - July 2013.
An LCV set from Transport VA is seen leaving the DIXIE-401 Trailer Parking Lot where many LCV sets are assembled. It is heading to Highway 401 on it's way to Quebec. October 2013.
Two BISON TRANSPORT LCV sets emerged from the Dixie-401 Truck yard and headed to Highway 401 Sunday May 25 2014. They went east towards Montreal. The Beer Store now runs LCV's pulling trailers full of empty bottles to a recycling plant. - September 2014.
SLH Transport LCV set
heads east to Kingston . July 2015
Armour Transportation LCV set
heads to Toronto. July 2015
This Loblaws LCV was headed eastbound on Highway 401 near Guelph. August 2015
The Bison LCV run is from Comber near Windsor to Mississauga. Bison also runs sets to Montreal. Highway 401 near Guelph. August 2015. Frito-Lay Canada runs LCV's to Quebec from its plant in Cambridge ON. This set is returning to Cambridge. August 2016. A WESTERN LOGISTICS LCV set running between Windsor and Mississauga. August 2016.

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