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Laidlaw Transports had large operations in Ontario in the 1970's and 1980's. This Freightliner was leased to the dump division based in Hamilton, ON which hauled grain, sulpher, ores, etc. in Ontario, Quebec, and Michigan. The picture was taken in Missisauga, Ontario in 1982. Robert Archer Collection. This Peterbilt is operated by Trevor Theriault for Laidlaw Carriers - Van Group of Woodstock ON This Western Star is leased to Laidlaw. An owner-operator's first truck does not have to be painted in the company colours. Mississauga, October 2003.
Laidlaw Bulk Division B train. February 2005 This Freightliner Century was pulling a quad axle dry box in Mississauga in April 2004 BROOKVILLE CARRIERS is; like Laidlaw; owned by Contrans. Their paint scheme is nearly identical. This International was in Toronto in February 2006
HOPEFIELD TRUCKING, a flat deck carrier based in Mississauga, was aquired by Contrans in 2005. This is a view of their terminal taken August 2003. KERUDA TRAFFIC SERVICES, a small carrier based in Waterford Ontario, was aquired by CONTRANS in 2004. This KTS Volvo was participating in the Waterford PUMPKINFEST parade in October 2003. This Laidlaw International was westbound on Highway 3 - June 2006
Laidlaw dump train eastbound on the QEW - March 2006 Freightliner and 5 axle flat deadheading westbound on the QEW - May 2005 Claude Dauphin sent me this picture of his 2005 International that he leases to Laidlaw Carriers PCS GP in Beloeil QC. The picture was taken at Laidlaw's Hagersville ON terminal.
CONTRANS recently announced that they are aquiring TRIPAR Transportation of Oakville Ont. Tripar is an LTL carrier connecting the North East USA with Toronto. This is a view of Tripar's terminal in Oakville; November 2006 Gerald Haas sent me these pictures of Laidlaw. Thanks Gerald!
This Kenworth W900 is from Laidlaw Tank LP, seen in Mississauga. July 2007 A Peterbilt pulling a quad axle van in Mississauga - May 2005 All the equipment seen at the KTS (Keruda Traffic Services) terminal in Waterford is painted in the standard CONTRANS scheme. - July 2008.
This black Peterbilt was seen in Mississauga - July 2008 Clark Transportation is a CONTRANS company. Based in Perth Ontario, it specializes in reefer work. So far at least, it's equipment is not painted in the Contrans (Laidlaw) colours/scheme. Triline, based in Calgary AB, was one of the companies that survived the Federal Industries fiasco. Today it is owned by Contrans. I shot this 2006 Peterbilt in May 2009.
This Laidlaw Pete was hauling building materials on a B Train through the Niagara Peninsula - November 2009 By July 2009, KTS had been merged into Laidlaw Van GP as the lettering on this trailer, seen near the Husky Dixie/401 truckstop, shows. I drove through Waterford in August and another carrier was using their yard. This Peterbilt was parked in Mississauga.
Here is a Freightliner pulling a five-axle dump trailer westbound on Highway 403 - November 2009 This Peterbilt daycab from Van LP was seen in Mississauga - December 2009 Hopefield Trucking Volvo taking a load of building board east on the QEW in Mississauga - March 2010
Under threatening skies, this Laidlaw Carriers Bulk LP Peterbilt was hauling a B Train set southbound on Highway 400. - June 2010 GLEN TAY Transportation LP is a Contrans subsidiary. Based in Perth Ont, it handles both liquid and dry bulk cargos. This Glen Tay International was hauling a set of dry bulk B trains on the QEW. - June 2010
Tru Boy Freight of Beamsville ON was a small carrier aquired by Contrans in February 2010.
Their plans were to "blend" Tru Boy into Laidlaw Flat LP and base it from Hagersville. On Friday August 6 2010 I saw a Truboy unit on the QEW. The sign on the door shows it to be a DIVISION of Laidlaw Flat LP and based in Hamilton Ontario.
This Volvo from Laidlaw Tank LP was seen in Mississauga at the end of July 2010. I can't tell what all the "gear" is on top of the trailer Here is a Peterbilt with a tank seen in Mississuaga - April 2011 Seen on a rainy Monday morning; this Peterbilt is leased to the Laidlaw's Flatdeck division. May 2011
This Peterbilt 379, in non standard colours, was hauling a bulk tank from Mississauga - April 2011 This Volvo shows not every Laidlaw broker runs a shiny truck. May 2011 Friday The Thirteenth (of May 2011) wasn't an unlucky day for me when I got a shot of this International Lonestar leased to Laidlaw.
This Freightliner was hauling a stainless steel tank. - May 2011 This International 9900 was hauling a Placarded Load - June 2011 This Peterbilt 379 was seen with a pneumatic bulk tank - July 2011
This Hopefield Trucking Peterbilt is hauling a new "SPIF" compliant trailer with the CONTRANS name and slogan on the Roll-Tite cover. - August 2011 This Western Star is leased to Laidlaw Flat Deck LP based in Woodstock ON - August 2011
This Peterbilt is leased to the Laidlaw Van Division based in Woodstock ON - January 2012 Hopefield Trucking is included in the reorganized CONTRANS Flatbed Group. This Peterbilt was seen near their terminal in January 2012. This International 9400 from the Tank Division was in Oakville - February 2012.
Laidlaw has several International Lomestars leased on.
This one was in Oakville in February 2012.
Two Laidlaw tractors are parked near a restaurant where the drivers are eating supper. March 2012. This Peterbilt is pulling a set of Btrains near the Hopefield Trucking terminal in Mississauga.. That is the Toronto area terminal of Contrans Flatbed Group. The Contrans name also appears on the tarp.
This Contrans Peterbilt model 386 is returning to the yard -October 2012. This long nose Laidlaw Peterbilt is leased to the Tank Division - October 2012. This Peterbilt is leased to the Bulk Division - October 2012
This International Prostar pulls a 7 axle B Train flat deck. The Mississauga terminal is the "Multiaxle Terminal." December 2012. This pair of Laidlaw tractors wait outside a restaurant while their drivers have breakfast. December 2012. This Western Star tractor is leased on with Laidlaw Tank. December 2012
This KW T2000 from Laidlaw Bulk caught me by surprise as I spotted it on Christmas Day 2012. Here is a Peterbilt 379 from Contrans Flat Deck Group. January 2013. This Freightliner Classic is on with Laidlaw but still in Volume Transport paint and stripes. - February 2013.
This Laidlaw Bulk Kenworth W900 daycab hauls powder cement. April 2013. Here is a Glen Tay Peterbilt . January 2013. Here is an International Lonestar leased to Laidlaw Tank Division, June 2014.

Laidlaw In Ireland
I obtained this 1989 379 and brought it to Ireland to use non commercially, however as you can see from the photographs it was in great demand for weddings, school proms and truck shows as we do not have conventionals here in Europe due to a 16.5m train length.

It also appeared in a film called WAZ which was shot partly in Belfast but mainly in New York, however it was all supposed to be set in New York and my pete appears stationary in a murder scene !

I no longer have this vehicle as my main interests are military vehicles.


LA DALTON SERVICES was another Contrans steel hauling company that has been integrated into the CONTRANS FLATBED GROUP
This LA Dalton Peterbilt was seen on the QEW in May 2012.
ECL CARRIERS, based in London ON, is the Contrans carrier that specializes in hauling garbage and solid waste. This ECL Freightliner was seen near a garbage transfer station in Oakville ON - May 2012. Bright yellow Peterbilt leased to ECL in Mississauga, August 2014.
This Freightliner Classic still had "Laidlaw Flatbed LP" on it's doors - May 2012. This Peterbilt 378 is from Laidlaw's Bulk Division. May 2013.
The "KTS" name is still used on the Peterbilt tractor hauling a Laidlaw Van LP trailer. July 2013. This International Prostar tractor is from Laidlaw Van LP. - July 2013. Here is a Volvo daycab from Laidlaw Van LP - October 2013.
Contrans announced in November 2013 that it had acquired the business and property of Best Transfer of Puslinch ON. This will add about 30 tractors and 50 trailers to Contrans fleet. Wayne Crane and I had visited Best Transfer in June 2013 and taken some pictures.
Archer Trucking of Norwood ON was acquired by Contrans in July 2012 to increase the size of their bulk fleet. This International was seen on the QEW in Mississauga, August 2014. Contrans owns LTL carrier TRIPAR TRANSPORTATION based in Oakville ON. They primarily link the New York City and New Jersey region with southern Ontario. Will Transforce fold them into one of their larger carriers like Kingsway or TST Overland? This Peterbilt shows their equipment and paint at the time of acquisition. Here is a Peterbilt 389 leased to the Laidlaw Dump division. - Oakville ON - August 2014
Peter Hodge Transport, based in Milton, was acquired by Contrans in 2012 and will likely become a Transforce carrier. They specialize in bulk commodities in dump and tank trailers.
Milton Terminal Tank Unit in Mississauga

This customized Peterbilt was parked in Mississauga. I understand that it has been used in some of their corporate advertising. March 2015.
On another chilly but sunny March 2015 afternoon several Laidlaw units were seen within a few minutes.
A Peterbilt 389 and a Kenworth W900 were on their way out while a Western Star was returning to the yard.
In May 2015, the first Laidlaw sighting of note was this International Lonestar. A couple of days later, I was able to shoot this white Kenworth W900.
A few more days and this Peterbilt 389 went past.

June 2015,and we are only half way through at this is being written, was a good month for sightings. This Kenworth T660 with a Bulk trailer went past one morning.

Another evening as I came out of the supermarket these two Internationals were parked while the drivers were getting supper. This red Peterbilt 386 was from Laidlaw too, pulling a New Alta trailer.

This is a new Peterbilt Model 579 - Seventy-Fifth Anniversary Edition that is leased on with Laidlaw Tank. Mississauga, August 2015. This Laidlaw Peterbilt is hauling a propane tank B Train set along Highway 401 near Milton.
November 2015.
This Freightliner wearing a Contrans decal on the door appears to have come from the Best Transfer acquisition.
Three Laidlaw Tank LP units from September 2016
This white Western Star was parked near the Tank Wash in October 2016. This Lonestar was seen on Southdown Road Mississauga in October 2016 Here is a Lonestar leased to Laidlaw Tank that was bobtailing to the terminal in May 2016.
This Volvo is leased to the CONTRANS MULTIAXLE Division in Mississauga.
June 2016.
On a quiet Sunday morning we see a couple of cement haulers parked for the weekend at the Contrans yard in Mississauga. July 2018. Wilburn Archer Trucking of Norwood Ontario was acquired by Contrans in 2012.
In the July 2018 TFI (which bought Contrans) Carrier List Wilburn Archer name no longer appears, only Contrans Tank Group Norwood. I shot this unit in May 2017 on Highway 401.
This Contrans Flatbed Group International daycab is returning to the Mississauga terminal - July 2018. This Laidlaw (Contrans Tank) B train works on the PetroCan Lubricants interplant shuttle. July 2018. The Transforce style of paint and logo are appearing on Contrans fleet member trucks. This International is the first I've seen for Laidlaw. - August 2018.
This Volvo has the decal for "CBC Canadian Bulk Carriers Division of Glen Tay " on its door so it is a Contrans carrier. - October 2018.

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