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The straight trucks, equipped with sleeper bunks are called "D" units.
Here is a picture of an International model 4900 leased to Roberts Express. Roberts, the largest expedite carrier, is now a fallen flag. Once owned by Roadway Services, the parent company of Roadway Express. When Roadway Express was spun off in 1996/97, the corporate name was changed to Caliber System. This also included RPS, Caliber Logistics, Viking Freight, Caliber Healthcare and Roberts Express. Caliber System was bought by Federal Express of Memphis. As of January 2000 they are known as FedEx Custom Critical. The trucks are being repainted and redecalled by Fall 2000. This picture was taken on Labor Day 1999. Robert Archer Collection.
Expediters are owner operators who haul smaller loads to keep "Just In Time" factories going. They usually run straight trucks, often equipped with sleepers, as the drivers are out for many days at a time.
Here is a picture of a GMC model 6500 which was leased to CTX, a sister to McKinlay, in the Central Transport Group. They specialize in rush loads of auto parts. This picture was taken in Febrary 2000. Robert Archer Collection.
Expediters are owner operators who haul smaller loads to keep "Just In Time" factories going. They usually run straight trucks, often equipped with sleepers, as the drivers are out for many days at a time.
This International was leased to CON-WAY NOW!, the emergency freight division. This picture was taken in October 1999 at Mississauga, Ontario. Robert Archer Collection.
Time Sensitive shipments are often handled by Expedite Carriers. The straight trucks, equipped with sleeper bunks are called "D" units. Most expediters are leased to the large American carriers but there are some Canadian companies as well. This Freightliner is from K-DAC of Baden near Kitchener Ontario.
Here is a GMC expediter "D" unit from Axis Transportation of Mississauga. Here is a Freightliner "D" unit leased to TST Expedited Services. This bright red Kenworth D unit runs for ADCO Express of Mississauga
Here is a GMC D unit from Dynamix based in Cambridge Ont. Cargo vans are classed as "B Units". This B unit is an American based driver leased to TST Expedite in Detroit Michigan. This Freightliner D-type unit is leased to TNA Express of Oakville Ont.
This FedEx Custom Critical B unit was laying over at the 410 Husky Truckstop June 2004 This International from FedEx CUSTOM CRITICAL is based in Florida. It was caught in a January 2005 snowstorm in Toronto.
Tractor-trailers are classed as "E" units. This FedEx CC "E" unit was parked in Brampton in April 2005 This FedEx CC Freightliner "D" unit was parked in Oakville Ont. July 2005 This FedEx CC "D" unit was parked in Oakville in July 2005
This is a very typical expediter unit, a Freightliner Business Class truck equipped with an Alumibunk sleeper. It is leased to THOMPSON Emergency Freight Systems from Windsor Ont. Here is a Freightliner Business Class M2 truck leased to THOMPSON EMERGENCY of Windsor Ont. (Feb 2005) Here is a Kenworth T300 D unit from TKR Expedite Inc of Mississauga, seen in September 2004
Here is a new International leased to TST Expedite out of Windsor. It was parked in Etobicoke Ont in April 2005 FedEx CUSTOM CRITICAL "B" unit was layed over at the Husky 410 truckstop in early December 2005. This "B" unit from MACTON EXPRESS was layed over at the Husky 410 truckstop in December 2005
This FedEx Custom Critical Western Star D Unit was in Mississauga - February 2006 This HINO Expediter was seen in Brampton in March 2006 TST "B" unit layed over in Toronto - May 2006
Freightliner Columbia from O'Connors Distribution based in Brampton was at a dock in Toronto - May 2006 This Sterling from PACEX Package Express Inc of Hamilton ON was in Toronto - May 2006
Here is a Chevrolet "C" unit from Dynamex based in Cambridge ON - July 2006 This Freightliner "D" unit is from GOPAL Transport of Mississauga. - July 2006 New Freightliner "D" unit for Laser Expedite based in Mississauga -September 2006
US based B unit for TST Expedited from Detroit MI layed over at the Husky 410 Truck Stop - November 2006 Volvo leased to FedEx Custom Critical, taken in July 2001. This International "D" from FedEx CC was in Mississauga - March 2007
Freightliner D Unit from Excel Transportation - March 2007 The cab is new but the sleeper and box look like they've been recycled off an older TST Expedite unit. Oakville ON - April 2007 The driver of this Panther II van was enjoying a pleasant spring evening at the Dixie/401 Husky. - May 2007
This Chevy "B" unit van from TST 911 was waiting for a load at the Husky truck stop. July 2007 This FedEx Custom Critical "D-R" Kenworth was parked in Toronto in early December 2007 Ditto Trucking of Waukegan IL has this Freightliner leased to Panther Expedite Services. Toronto - March 2008
FedEx Custom Critical Freightliner D6702 parked in Oakville ON - June 2008 TST Expedited Freightliner 23083 in Mississauga - May 2008 This Ford van is US based as it is leased to TST Expedited Services in Toledo Ohio. It was waiting for a load in Toronto - November 2008
This Peterbilt from FedEx CC was seen in Brampton
March 2009
This isn't the best picture but I wanted to record a unit from Walter MacDougall Intl. They are based in the eastern Ontario town of Lancaster. This Hino was laid over at a Mississauga truckstop - March 2009 This "B"size van from TST Expedite of Toledo Ohio spent a rainy weekend in Toronto while waiting for a load. - March 2009
This Freightliner from FedEx Custom Critical was parked in Milton ON waiting for it's next load. November 2010. This International is leased to Thompson - Emergency based in Tecumseh (Windsor) ON. January 2011 This International straight truck is from Matrix Expedite of Romulus Michigan. - Mississauga, September 2011
This "B" Unit van from Panther Transportation was seen in Oakville ON - November 2011 This TST Canada "B" Unit van was layed over in Mississauga - February 2012.
This van is leased to Bolt Express of Toledo Ohio. - Mississauga, August 2013. Here is a Freightliner straight truck leased to Thompson Emergency of Tecumseh ON. - Mississauga, August 2013.
This Freightliner appears to be operated by KC Trucking, leased to TST Expedite. Mississauga - September 2013. TST Expedited Services Volvo on Dixie Road near Highway 401 in Mississauga. July 2013
Purchased by the ABF company in 2012 Panther Expedited Services was renamed PANTHER PREMIUM LOGISTICS in 2014. Panther remains based in Ohio. This Volvo was on Highway 401 in May 2014.
Here is a Sprinter from Matrix Expedited Service - October 2013 This Sprinter from Thompson Emergency was laid over in Oakville - November 2013. TST Sprinter laid over in Woodstock ON. 12-28-14
Two Sprinters parked at the Mississauga Flying J in October 2014. Here is a Sprinter from Thompson Emergency parked in Clarkson (Mississauga) March 2015 This Freightliner straight truck is from Matrix Expedited Services of Flint MI.
Clarkson ON April 2015.
This Thompson Emergency Hino isn't equipped with an add on bunk. There is a vent in the freight box so there might be a bunk built in there. Clarkson April 2015. Here is a Peterbilt straight truck leased to Thompson Emergency. Clarkson April 2015. This Freightliner is leased to LOAD1 of Taylor Michigan. Oakville May 2015.
Here is an International straight truck from ASAP Express & Logistics, a small expedite carrier based in Romulus Michigan. Here is a Sprinter for UTS of Cambridge ON parked in Mississauga - May 2018. The window shades are up as the driver of this Thompson Emergency Sprinter waits for his next load in Mississauga. July 2018

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