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Construction Trucks
Here is a Graham Bros. Mack CH613, based out of Brampton, Ontario seen here pulling a 5-axle trailer, delivering asphalt to a paving crew. The picture was taken at Mississauga, Ontario in May 2000. A closer view of the Graham Bros. Mack Here is a Peterbilt pulling a Cobra 4-axle trailer for Norwich Brick & Tile, of Norwich, Ontario. The truck is seen here stopped in Etobicoke, Ontario in August 2000.
This is a Mack RD-688 dump truck with a tandem spread axle with an airlift tag. The picture was taken at Mississauga, Ontario in August 2000. Here is another Mack R dump truck taken at Mississauga, Ontario in August 2000. Here is a 1980's GMC General still working in 20000. It has the large floatation front tires and an airlife tag axle for weight. The picture was taken in August 2000.
Here is an older Kenworth tandem dump truck, on a dusty day. The Kenworth is leaving the job site. Innocon Mack RB-688 tractor hauling a cement mixer set upas a trailer taken in May 2001.
Here is a Peterbilt with triaxle trailer from R. Conner Haulage, taken in March 2001. Here is a Mack CL713 tandem dump truck with airlift tag axle, taken in March 2001.
Sterling tri-axle dumptruck / tri-axle dumptrailer outfit run by Joseph Trucking of Hamilton, Ontario. The picture was taken April 19, 2001 in Mississauga.
Mack DMM 690 straight truck set up as a crane truck. It is being used on a construction site in Mississauga April 26,2001. The crane is used to lift pieces of concrete sewer pipe. Here is a DM690 with a grappler loading some maple logs from a construction site in Robert's neighbourhood. This is a "Stone Slinger". It unloads gravel in a specific location. It has a long boom at the rear of the body equipped with a conveyor belt. This International is "slinging" the gravel into the foundations of some townhomes being built.
Dig-It Excavation Chev Bison dump taken in July 2001. This Sterling triaxle dump truck is operated by Reggae Truckin. Here is an International transit mixer from Rexdale Ready-Mix taken in Rexdale (Etobicoke) Ont, January 2001.
Here is a Sterling dumptruck run by Michael's Trucking in Mississauga in April 2002. Here is an International from Dwinnels Haulage of Waubaushene Ont. taken July 2002. This Mack RD690 transit mixer from Lafarge Cement was photographed in Mississauga, Ontario in October 2002.
This Mack CH613 from FAST FLOAT SERVICE from Bolton, Ontario was picking up a machine at a construction site in July 2002. Here is a Mack RB688 from Royal Paving Company. September 2002. This INNOCON transit mixer is a Mack DMM (twin steer) model.
This Western Star dump was hauling from an excavation site in Mississauga, Ontario in Novmember 2002. Mack RD 690 Twinsteer cement mixer from Dufferin Concrete Dufferin-Custom Concrete Western Star twin steer at a Mississauga construction project in August 2003
Peterbilt from BJF Transport was hauling a load of asphalt. Here is a Mack DM from Teskey Ready Mix. Their paint scheme hasn't changed from 30 years ago. See this picture. 2003 Mack 427 hp 18 speed and 4.56 is very good for hauling 13 meter ( 65,000 lbs )of concrete in mud terrain. Pro-Mix Transport is based at St-Hubert ( 7 miles from Montréal Québec, Canada. )
This Mack CH was delivering a load of sewer pipe to a job site in June 2004. A paving company operates this White Freightliner dump. It appears to be a retired Manitoulin Transport super truck. This old Mack R-600 is used for maintenance and snow plough duty at a movie complex in Toronto
I saw this old White Road Commander, converted to a dump truck, hauling during the summer of 2004 Stansic Pete dump truck Mack Granite flatbed
Two dump truck- pony trailer sets are busy in Mississauga - May 13 2005 Mack RD688 from Antonio Haulage seen on Lakeshore Road in Mississauga - April 2005 Freightliner Tandem with airlift tag axle seen in Toronto - May 10 2005
Taken at lunch time today (August 30, 2005); a 4 axle dump trailer running for Best Transfer. I found this older Freightliner from Sure haulage INNOCON RD Mack twinsteer concrete mixer at a construction site in Mississauga - July 2005
This Peterbilt is hauling a large back-hoe at a construction sight near Toronto - November 2005. Gary Bedford photos. Kenworth T800 truck-trailer brings a load of Unilock blocks to the job site in Mississauga - July 2005
International Paystar from Dufferin Concrete at a Mississauga job site - June 2006 A Sterling from Bernardi Building Supplies was delivering concrete blocks in Mississauga - June 2006 I was going through some older picture and found this Western Star dump and pup at the Lakeshore Road - Hurontario Street intersection in Mississauga. These isn't a date on the print but from the backgound it would have been about 2005 during the redevelopment of the Port Credit district.
Ford LTL dump trucks were seen in Port Dover ON on various days in June 2006
These dump trucks were seen in Port Dover ON on various days in June 2006 One of my favourite dump truckers is Carl Farrow Haulage of Caledon Ont. They have run Western Stars since it was a "dress up" option on 1970's era White tractors; but I'd never got a picture till I saw this one looking for a Port Credit construction site in July 2006.
This Kenworth C500 and Western Star were parked in Mississauga - September 2006 This Peterbilt was hauling aggregates in north Mississauga - September 2006 This Sterling dump truck from God Bless Inc was seen in the Clarkson district - March 2006
This Dufferin Concrete Mack R600 was seen on Highway 6 in Port Dover Ont in June 2006 James Dick Concrete runs twin steer Sterling mixers. This one had just left the plant in Etobicoke in November 2006 Classic Float Services Mack CH with a Stargate end dump trailer in Mississauga - March 2007
The driver of the DiCarlo Mack RD600 had just run into the DONUT SUPREME - June 2007 This King Building Materials Mack CH 613 was hauling a load of asphalt to the repaving job on Brant street in Burlington - June 2007 This Kenworth T800 and tri-axle trailer was seen in Brampton - June 2007
This Freightliner from Michigan might have been lost; Mississauga - June 2007

MILTON ONTARIO sits at the base of the Niagara Escarpment in Halton Region. Dufferin Group has a large quarry just north of town. Highway 25 north of Highway 401 is a dump truck Hot Spot.
The Chalet Restaurant is a long time truck stop that serves the gravel haulers The entrance to the Dufferin Milton Quarry.
Number 5 Sideroad leads to the quarry. This loaded Mack is turning south on Highway 25. This Mack CL dump-pup outfit is heading to the quarry. A nice Peterbilt 379 was pulling this gravel trailer. July 2007
Two loaded Freightliners pass us on 5 Sideroad A Mack 10 wheeler under load. July 2007 A Peterbilt 10 wheeler under load. July 2007
This Mack DM is being used to haul snow in Mississauga - December 2007 In 2001 I shot this Sterling from Reggae Truckin' working on a job in Port Credit.

13 years later, October 2014, I shot it again; bring a load of gravel out of Dufferin material's Milton Quarry.
Another load of gravel travels down Regional Road 25 to The 401 and on to the GTA. - August 2016.

Anthony Petrella of Petrella Transport sent me these pictures of some of their trucks:
Thanks for the pics rides!
This Freightliner is hauling a "Live bottom" trailer These Petes are setup for Pony-Pup operation
A highrise condominium building was started in Spring 2008. These are some of the dumptrucks that have been working on this job.
Mach CH hauling a tri-axle Cobra trailer - July 2008 I shot this "R" Model Mack Here are two heavy haulers - a Kenworth from CORREYDALE CONTRACTINGdelivering excavation machines at a jobsite in Mississauga. February 2009
Mack from H.E.R.C. - delivering excavation machines at a jobsite in Mississauga. February 2009 This sharp International is from Carl Farrow Haulage of Caledon Ontario A Sterling Stone Slinger from James Dick Aggregates negotiates a side street on the way to a construction site. June 2010
In March of '07 I shot a Mack from Classic Float Service hauling a dump trailer. In April 2011 I shot this Mack Pinnacle from Classic hauling a dump.
This process is done by a large machine which lifts the old asphalt, grinds it into small chunks and casts it into a dump truck.
The dump truck will haul the ground up asphalt to a plant where it will be recycled.
This White GMC waits it's turn for the Milling Machine. A Peterbilt is being loaded. The process is done at a walking pace.
The Peterbilt leaves with a load and an International takes it's turn. This is the Wirtgen 2200 milling machine. The entire milling gang proceeds up the street.
Here is a Twin Steer Mack RD from CBM Canada Building Materials - Oakville ON August 2011 These two Dufferin Ready Mix trucks were working at an infill house project in December 2010.  

The final phase of the redevelopment of the core of Port Credit from industrial to residential was a condominium-retail-retirement residence complex at the Hurontario- Lakeshore Road intersection. Dufferin Concrete was the lead supplier and these are some of the concrete mixers that worked on that job.

The CN line through Burlington ON was limited over the 2012 Thanksgiving Weekend while an underpass was installed at King Road. All VIA passenger trains were cancelled or diverted while only a minimum number of CN freight trains were allowed through.Work commenced at 9PM Friday evening and was scheduled to be completed at 5AM Tuesday morning. I went on the holiday Monday morning to observe.
This is the underpass being installed beneath the CN main line. A sub-contractor named METRIX was moving gravel around the construction site. This is one of their Internationals
One of Metrix's KW T800's Another T800 I saw this Western Star with a flat deck and tag-along trailer in Oakville - June 2014
Here is a Mack "R" model from King Star Paving that was working in my neighbourhood - August 2016 A loaded Kenworth T800 rumbles through the intersection in the village of Campbellville - August 2016 S.Mitri Haulage Western Star returning to a local quarry for more gravel. August 2016.
This Western Star is taking a load of gravel from the Canada Building Materials Aberfoyle Pit located near Guelph ON. - August 2016    

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