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In 2014, CANADA CARTAGE has been in business for 100 years since 1914
On March 14, 2006 Canada Cartage System merged with Western Canadian carrier Direct Integrated Transportation as CANADA CARTAGE DIVERIFIED INCOME FUND
Here are some views of the Canada Cartage Queensway yard
Canada Cartage System Ford LTA 9000 at Etobicoke, ON in June 2000. This Sterling is painted in the classic Canada Cartage scheme of blue with white trim. Canada Cartage was traditionaly a Ford fleet. CANADA CARTAGE Western Star hauling a Praxair trailer - Mississauga April 2005
Canada Cartage moved it's terminal to Mississauga. Here is a picture of the office. Here is the driveway This Ford flat bed truck is on the Home Depot store delivery dedicated account
This Canada Cartage Sterling was delivering at a Loblaws/ No Frills store - January 2006 Canada Cartage International Unit 1226, is delivering SERCA products to a SUBWAY outlet in Toronto - Feb. 2006 This Sterling is pulling a heated trailer - Toronto Feb 2006
This Sterling is pulling a LANTIC SUGAR tank trailer - Toronto Feb 2006 Canada Cartage Volvo delivers a SYSCO shipment in Mississauga - March 2007 CC Volvo # 7508 unloading HVAC equipment at a construction site in Mississauga - April 2007
Here is a B-Train setup - heated trailers pulled by a Sterling - May 2007 Canada Cartage is the Ontario delivery agent for UPS Freight. This Volvo is hauling an Overnite pup back to the yard - June 2007 Canada Cartage is now a Loblaws carrier seen frequently at the stores. This Freightliner, pulling a Loblaws billboard trailer, was at my local No Frills. October 2007
This Sterling with flat deck works on the Home Depot account. - October 2007 Two Canada Cartage units are at the local LCBO store. The International 9100 tractor is still painted in OVERNITE colours but used in the regular fleet. The new UPS Freight tractors are Volvos. - November 2007 Here is a Canada Cartage Freightliner on a Loblaws store delivery. - February 2008
The "11" in the unit number indicates the Freightliner is an owner operator's. It was parked at Home Depot for storage unit deliveries. This Sterling was delivering at the local No Frills store in May 2008 This Freightliner was on it's way to the Sobey store in Simcoe Ontario.- July 2008
This International was seen in Oakville ON - October 2008 Volvo from OK Transportation on The Queensway in Toronto - July 2008.
OK is a Canada Cartage subsidiary.
This International model 8600 is one of Canada Cartage's latest tractors. The paint colour is a little lighter shade of blue. October 2009.
A Canada Cartage Sterling is on it's to the SOBEYS store in Brampton. April 2010 This International still wears the paint colours of ALL ONTARIO TRANSPORT, a company that CCL took over several years ago. Mississauga April 2010. Canada Cartage has received new Freightliner Cascadias for their Sobey's Foods contract. One was seen in July 2010 in Oakville ON
This Freightliner is an owner operator's. It is hauling a reefer trailer to a local Loblaws store. March 2010 I saw this Canada Cartage Volvo with a Canadian Tire trailer in September 2010. The trailer is logo'd for Canadian Tire's 75 Anniversary which was 13 years before! I had never seen that wrap on a CTC trailer during that time. I saw this truck backed into the receiving dock at my local Metro store but it looked odd. At first glance a Volvo daycab would be from Wilsons Truck Lines. The red wasn't Wilson's though and on looking at it closely the Canada Cartage name was on the door and the unit number started with 11. Canada Cartage owner ops are not seen at Metro too often especially with a non paint code truck.
Canada Cartage Sterling seen on Front Street in downtown Toronto - March 2011 I saw this Canada Cartage Mack with the Loblaws (Presidents Choice) trailer twice on June 2 2011, at 8AM and 5PM.
Canada Cartage might have assumed the trucking operations for Debro Steel of Brampton. This blue Mack and short trailer look similar to a Debro unit. May 2011 This Canada Cartage Volvo with a BROSSARD rental trailer has just exited Highway 401 near Georgetown ON - June 2011 Caption: This is an Owner-operator's Peterbilt seen at a Canadian Tire store in Mississauga.- August 2011
Here is a rare sighting in 2012 - this International 9200 still lettered for Mel Hall Transport. Canada Cartage took them over in 2004. Mississauga - March 20, 2012. This Volvo with the fancy stripe job is an Owner-Operator's. It is delivering to a Mississauga Canadian Tire store. October 2012. Here is a CCS owner-operator unit delivering at a Mississauga Canadian Tire store. March 2013.
In December 2003 Giant Tiger Stores ran a Private Fleet. I caught this Freightliner at one of their locations.

In December 2012 Canada Cartage operates the store delivery fleet. Here a CCL Volvo pulling a Giant Tiger trailer passes us on the QEW in Burlington.
Here is a Canada Cartage International with a Loblaw No Name trailer. No Name is Loblaw's brand for lower priced merchandise. June 2013. Canada Cartage has updated the Sobeys fleet with Freightliner Cascadias.
This one was on it's way to a Sobeys store - September 2014.
Canadian Tire store delivery May 2014.
Here is one of CCL's older Sterling tractors pulling a trailer marked with their current slogan:
"#1 In Canadian Fleet Outsourcing"
Canada Cartage units can be seen across Ontario. This Volvo was in Woodstock on a Sobey's run. December 2014. This Canada Cartage owner-operator Freightliner Columbia was running on Highway 401 near Milton. May 2015.
The Sobeys name appears on the cab door of this Volvo with a smaller decal indicating that it is a Canada Cartage operated tractor. Milton - January 2016 Effective June 10 2016 Canada Cartage acquired Muir's Cartage of Toronto. Here is a single axle Freightliner Columbia at a delivery door in Mississauga. July 2016.
Here is an International bunk truck hauling a Praxair trailer - August 2016 Booth-Centennial Linen Services of Mississauga serves hospitals and institutions with a 400 KM radius of Toronto.
Canada Cartage provides the trucking.
Here is a CCL owner operator Freightliner tractor delivering to the local Canadian Tire store - July 2016.
Canada Cartage Volvo with "The Home Depot" on the door in Milton ON. - August 2016. Here we have a Canada Cartage Volvo hauling for Praxair. - August 2016. Here is a clean Volvo making a store delivery in Mississauga. - March 2017
Canada Cartage hauls for Air Liquide in Ontario.
International Bunk Truck pulls a tri-axle tanker. KW T680 pulls a B Train. June 2017 - We saw this Sterling still in Muir's Cartage paint with the small Canada Cartage decal.
June 2018 - The Muir's Cartage trailers are still in use but with Canada Cartage tractors Canada Cartage International doing a drop-n-hook at a retail store in Toronto. August 2018 Here is an older Freightliner Century Class delivering to Canadian Tire Store - July 2018.
This appears to be an old promo type picture circa 1960. Hinde & Dauch was acquired by Domtar shortly after that. Source - Facebook..

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