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Boat Haulers
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A sign of Spring. This Peterbilt arrived from Florida with a boat going to Lake Ontario. The picture was taken at Port Credit, ON in March 1995. Robert Archer Collection. Here is a boat loaded on a trailer. Note how the mast is slung. Here is a Freightliner from Noyan Aqua Sports - Transporter Aux Bateaux/Boat Hauler.
Here is an International Eagle cabover from Can-Am Marine Transport Ltd. of St. Lazare, QB. It is a 10 wheeler flat deck straight truck pulling a "stinger" trailer, taken in May 2001. In July 2000, a Kenworth T600 from Boatlegger Marine Transport from Fort Lauderdale, FL arrived to pick up a yacht. In April 2001, a Van Tuyl Marine Services Kenworth T450 was hauling a power cruiser along Lakeshore Road.
This Mack is from Equipe Service from Laval, Quebec. It is seen here leaving Port Credit with a yacht. This Peterbilt is from INTEGRITY MARINE TRANSIT of Charlotte, NC. May 2002. Here is a Freightliner Condo from Aquex Marine of Noyan QC and Barrie ON . April 2003

Andrews Trucking Limited
This is a carrier based in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario that specializes in hauling yachts.
Here is Andrews Unit 230 with a yacht loaded and ready to move.
The following day, Andrews Unit 220 arrived to pick up a yacht, the "Jasamine." The "Jasamine" was washed by a high pressure washer to remove any zebra mussells or other stowaways. Unit 220 backed up to the Marine Travelift and the Jasamine was lowered on to the trailer and secured for transit.
On a raw day in November 2000, this Volvo from Andrews Trucking Ltd., based in Niagara-On-The-Lake, Ontario, has a yacht loaded and is preparing to leave for some place warm. Here is a Kenworth from Van Tuyl Marine heading to the marina taken in April 2002.
Andrews Trucking Ltd. unit 234, a Navistar International.
Andrews Trucking Ltd. unit 234, a Peterbilt.
Here is a Freightliner Columbia from Can Am Maine Transit. The driver is securing the yacht Cavale III for transit. September 2002
Despite an unusally cold and snowy spring, Andrews Trucking was busy bringing yachts to the Mississauga's Yacht Harbour in March 2003. KMH Volvo boat hauler taken in May 2003
Freightliner Argosy from Transports Loisirs was at the Port Credit Yacht Club to load a boat in November 2003. This Freightliner Argosy is from Ideal Marine. It was delivering a power cruiser in Port Credit in June 2004
Here are some boathaulers that came into Port Credit with boats during Spring 2004
This Freightliner Argosy from CAMT (Can Am Marine Transit) brought a power cruiser in May 2004. This COE Freightliner from Andrews Truckling Limited delivered a yacht in April 2004. This Volvo from Andrews Trucking Limited looks to have had a hard winter. Mississauga Ont. January 2005
Andrews Trucking Ltd. Unit 218, an International daycab, is a frequent visitor in Port Credit. Here he is on June 23/05; trailer empty and about to leave. On June 29/05, the trailer was loaded. The driver was loosening the straps preparing to unload.
ABT 246 looked a little battered in January 2005; but when he visited in July 2005 the truck had been repaired. Nice Job! This Volvo from The Marblehead Trading Company of Marblehead Mass. visited Port Credit to pick up a boat in August 2005 International Eagle ATL 266 visited Port Credit in July 2005
This Freightliner from CAMT had delivered a boat to a dealer - January 2005 At the end of September 2005 several boathaulers were at the public launch slip at Port Credit transfering boats into winter storage. This Freightliner from Andrews Trucking Ltd was in Port Credit late in December 2005
Van Tuyl's T600 was at the launch slip preparing to unload a power cruiser - June 2006 Van Tuyl Kenworth launching a power cruiser - May 2007 This Ford LTA, carrier unknown, was backing to the loading slip. July 2007
This Kenworth T2000 from BOATWORKS was sitting in the cluttered dockyard waiting it's turn to unload. July 2007 This International Eagle from M Balsdon Transport of Pickering ON brought a large wrapped cruiser to the Port Credit Marina - September 2007 This Freightliner Argosy from CAMT spent the night at the Port Credit Harbour.The driver was getting it ready to load. - February 2008
Freightliner from CAMT in Mississauga - June 2008 This International Pro-Star runs for Campion Marine of Kelowna BC. It apparently spent the night at the Port Credit Marina waiting to load a boat. - July 2008
Andrews Trucking unit 256 has added some smart looking pin striping since I last shot it in July 2005. Andrews Trucking Ltd. unit 252 is seen leaving the Port Credit Yacht Club with a yacht loaded on it's trailer. Andrews Trucking Ltd unit 256 has added pin striping to it's paint job since the previous time I took it's picture.
The first boat hauler of the spring was shot on the First Day of Spring 2009. This Mack from ATL was parked at the harbour, Friday 03/20/09 This Peterbilt from Andrews Trucking Ltd. was at the Port Credit Harbour with a boat - June 2009 A Freightliner from NAUTIC MARINE TRANSPORT of Algonac Michigan brought a boat to Port Credit - July 2009.
This Freightliner from M Balsdon Trucking of Pickering ON was hauling a large power boat away from the Port Credit harbour - October 2009 Here is a Kenworth T2000 from BOTHWELL BOATWORKS with a large sailboat. This Ford from Skyline Marine of Midland Ontario was at the Port Credit Marina in August 2009

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