ATHS Southern Ontario Chapter Truck Show September 12 2009

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The ATHS show was held at the Schneider National OC in Aberfoyle Ontario.
They had this tractor displayed.
This Fargo pick up was parked near the front. This pick up is based on a 1969 Kenworth
KROME TRANSPORTATION was displaying this 1965 B61 Mack. This Kenworth VIT Canadiana model is a former Mackie Moving tractor.

Picture 8

Picture 9
Here is a Freightliner daycab from Proctor Cartage. Stephen Proctor would bring another Freightliner as well. Jim Heriott brought his fleet up from Port Colborne Ontario.
Picture 8 is his GMC Brigadier.
Picture 9 is the sign giving the history of his outstanding 1975 KW W925. Unfortunately I found when I got home and downloaded my pictures I hadn't taken a clear shot of it
This is a beautifully restored Autocar. This is a 1960 White COE Doug McKenzie brought "The Big Green Truck" .
It has another owner but still works for Midland.
There was a large turnout of restored pick up trucks and even a couple of classic cars.
This is a 1949 Diamond T brought up from Texas and restored. Stephen Proctor brought another Freightliner.
It had a Ford Super Duty tractor on the deck.
This 1964 Ford was my favourite from the show. There was a similar truck all "fixed up" near me when I was young.
This White Super Power is a beautiful "prototypical" restoration. Chrome and shine wasn't common in the early 1960's. As we travelled back down Highway 6 towards home we spotted Billy Baker's Kenworth Bull Nose tractor on it's way to the Truck Show.
Cam Hiltz Trucking parked it's B61 Mack
next to Krome Trucking's B61.
Although not common when the B61's ruled the highways; the aluminum Budd wheels do look sharp. Vern Drylie admires the restoration job on the Cam Hiltz Mack.
Special Thanks to:
Vern Drylie
Doug McKenzie
Jim Herriot
Bob McCombs

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