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Open House at The All American Toy Company held on August 26, 2007

Wayne Ford had some of his latest custom-built All American Toy Co. trucks that he built for customers and for possible future releases.
Prototype model of the "Teeter Toter" a tilt-bed truck made from the All American Toy Co. Ford cab
Another color version of the "Teeter Toter" A different color for the "Drifter" This toy truck is based on the "Drifter" but lowered and with a matching utility trailer.

Here are some pictures of logging trucks that Wayne Ford built with All American Toy Co. parts for a customer

Patrick is showing the guests at the 2007 60th Anniversary Reunion Party the changes in the new "Timber Toter II" Here is an assembled "Timber Toter II" kit

Many different views of the toy shop showing some toys for sale, some prototypes and many parts for assembly

Not all the trucks that we got to see at the All American Toy Co. 60th Anniversary were scaled down models.
Here is a 1:1 scale model 1962 Kenworth W923 owned by John Hunt from Submility, OR
John Hunt and his son posing by the 1962 Kenworth

Patrick Russell, his grandson Zion and John Hunt
John had someone paint Snoopy on the radiator shutters
Good friends Patrick Russell and Ren Heartsill posing in front of the 1962 Kenworth logging truck

Some "fun" posing in the toy shop

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